Mingus Speaks, Italian edition

Redazione in Rome contacted me shortly after our UC Press book production began. Since then I’ve worked closely with Michele Piumini, their translator, and the Italian version should be published in July 2014.

Here’s some advanced promo copy translated into English. The original appeared on http://www.minimumfax.com/libri/scheda_libro/662.

Mingus According to Mingus

interviews about life and music

 ”A book of inestimable value.”

Charles Mingus represented the most perfect expression of the artist larger than life : brash, imperious in his physical size, charismatic; quick to fight and laugh, always looking for an ideal of beauty that he pursued in life everyday with the same grace and the same fury with which he drew notes from the strings of his bass. Now the American journalist John F. Goodman has collected in a book a series of unpublished interviews Mingus (and his closest collaborators), which he produced between 1972 and 1974, creating a new, fascinating portrait of the man and musician: nostalgia for the era of big bands and jam sessions, and its complexity compared to the more recent developments of jazz; the delicate balance between impromptu creativity and hard study, between originality and respect for tradition; the battles for the independence of art in an environment dominated by record companies, unscrupulous businessmen and dishonest impresarios; the memories of colleagues and teachers now gone, first of all the beloved Charlie Parker; tumultuous relationships with women, his many marriages and divorces. Funny, intimate, full of anecdotes and reflections, Mingus  According to Mingus is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to discover – or rediscover – one of the artists symbolic of the golden age of jazz.

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  1. Tom Marcello says:

    That’s my photo on the cover of this addition. I loved the book!

  2. jfgoods says:

    Thanks, Tom. Loved your photo!

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