I just bought a surplus from japan a 2004 honda fit and i plan to change its original muffler into hks silent-power muffler. Get with a trusted local mechanic and see what they have to say. Where people run into trouble is with custom systems…they often don’t size them correctly, use the right type of bends, etc., and it hurts performance. In the course of further online research, I found a neat exhaust size calculator: http://www.mk5cortinaestate.co.uk/calculator5.php would that be a safer alternative to not void my warranty? Usually, exhaust systems boost power and efficiency 1-3%. 2000 Chevy Impala 3.4 can I add a dual exhaust with quiet mufflers. If you’ve got the 3.7L, you should feel free to upgrade the muffler. I just did an axle-back swap from stock to a DC Sport muffler. Drew – A craigslist sourced exhaust can be a great way to save money. Im wondering would this swap improve my acceleration? This is the best website to order from.they have the best products and very good customer service. If you have a muffler that doesn’t use rock wool (like a magnaflow muffler), than you probably won’t notice any change. Not not only is it better for your engine I have an 05 Chevy Malibu mass ls and with just that change I’ve went from 25 to 30 miles a gallon and all of my parts are stock. Along with a K&N air filter. Economy and Sport. – I don’t have a specific recommendation regarding the muffler, but I will say that Borla systems tend to be a little better than the others in terms of drone/rumble. Our products are in stock and ready to ship right now, so you'll receive your new RSX parts fast. I am just wondering if i get a brand new muffler/exhaust system, would it improve my gas milage and power. Since you’ve got a Nissan, there are probably only a couple of tuners that are compatible. Call Us Toll-Free 1-888-851-5587, SuperCharged Shipping | Smart Service | Secure Shopping | Satisfaction Guaranteed | Rush Returns, Spec-D Tuning Burnt Tip Catback Exhaust - RSX 02-06 Base Model, Megan Racing Cat-Back Exhaust System OE-RS: Acura RSX 02-06, Yonaka Motorsports Stage 2 Axles - RSX Base/Premium 02-06, Skunk2 Mega Power Exhaust - RSX Base 02-06, Performance Parts and Accessories for the Acura RSX. You should contact the EPA so they can document your specific case. My guess is that either a) your engine computer is still adjusting to the new air intake or b) you got some very good mileage prior to installing the exhaust that threw things off. Google ‘magnuson moss’ and after-market parts. Ric – First, the truck is brand new. What would you recommend to me to help improve efficiency & power? I have a 2016 wrx and am looking to modify the exhaust. 2. David – Tires can make a big difference in fuel economy, especially large off-road tires with aggressive tread. What is your opinion on single exhaust vs. dual exhaust? I want to put a new muffler/exhaust on my car. pls help me out. I have a 2004 celica gt would doing a straight pipes with a cat and a resonator increase gas mileage? 1. If you buy a filter that requires periodic cleaning, you have to be really careful when re-applying the oil to the filter. As I’ve mentioned to other people a few times, mufflers don’t hurt performance if you buy a good one. 4 cyl. I have a 2011 Subaru Legacy 2.5i. Yee – Generally speaking, long-tube headers reduce low-end performance. rsxstore.com is an independent retailer of Cheers! Not looking for an outstandingly loud noise, that’s unappealing. Second I’m trying to add a little more power and fuel efficiency for the car as well, so what type of muffler/exhaust system will work best without hurting my pocket. However, if you’ve got the money, adding a quality cat-back exhaust system can add a few hp and improve mileage. Doing this, will it improve the HP and fuel efficiency? Will I Gain More Horsepower With An Exhaust System? I’d get a single exit cat-back system in the smallest size they offer – probably going to be a Gibson, Magnaflow, or Flowmaster kit. Now it’s important to understand that engine designers can change head design and valve timing to accommodate a specific header. . Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. If you just want to buy a muffler (and I don’t blame you, as I think that’s a prudent compromise), I’d suggest finding a good local muffler shop and letting them install the muffler they think is best. When it’s idling (or running at low RPMs on the highway), you won’t really notice it. Tuners are a different story. I have a 2007 Jeep compass, 4×4… What muffler/ exost system will improve gas mileage the most, for the money??? After all, aren’t performance and gas mileage mutually exclusive? You responded to my question regarding my 2011 Dodge Ram. sam – Mazda’s use a unique exhaust design that you have to be very careful modifying. trademarks. Second, do not rely on the calculated mileage estimate. In terms of corrosion, stainless will last longer than aluminized, but I’m not sure that it would be a huge difference…usually aluminized systems last 2-4 years if you periodically wash the undercarriage of your vehicle. Hard to get what you’re looking for with a 4cylinder. What about shorter gears in the rear end? after getting that situated with them saying that it was just a defective part. Need your help to decide whats best. 1-2 mpg over a year will more than pay for these. Brian – In most mufflers, the rock wool used to deaden higher frequencies changes a bit once it spends some time at operating temps. But even the fk8 doesn't sound as good as the s2000, si, old type r's. How can I get some improvements in fuel. However, if you clean the filter yourself and re-apply the oil too liberally, you can have problems. If that’s not affordable, than a replacement muffler is the next best thing. Will continue to purchase parts from rsx store for a long time. SPEC-D... have you actually tried these on an RSX bumper before selling them? HLE de las categorías de Orno como hit, apresurarse, joder chicas, apresurarse, amor, en, nb, nb, nb, ng, y cada una es eutschsex, ornofilm donde puedes acceder en cualquier momento, escucha las categorías de oración como punch , idiotas ornos y orno ideos nline, derechos de autor 2019 ideo – los faros sirvieron al trío ornofilm y ratis obile ornos eutschsex ontacts … I have a 1997 Honda Accord coupe. Any change could negatively impact fuel economy and performance, so I’d just “fake” it and call it good. I am also wondering about a K&N filter (not cold air intake) for it. What he said. Three, the best levers you can pull are 1) intake 2) exhaust 3) programming, preferably a map that is adjusted for whatever intake and exhaust you choose. The speedo said i was going 60, and the radar said I was going 65. Shouldn’t have caused a major change in fuel economy, unless it’s clogged. Some people argue that cotton gauze air filters let more particulates into the motor (and cause wear), but I have yet to see anyone prove that. I’ve been looking at quite a few catbacks and a lot of them don’t drone from what I gather. To help you better understand how resonators can help you tune your exhaust to suit your taste, you just need to search Google for “Resonator design exhaust” or “1/4 wave resonator calculator”, which will help you understand sound shaping better. You might look into using a programmer to run in an “economy” mode when you’re not at the track…assuming you can re-adjust back to your tuned mode when it’s time to go fast. I have a 2001 lincoln navigator. Spec-D Tuning OEM Style Fog Lights Kit Clear - RSX 02-05, Buddy Club Short Shifter Kit - RSX 6 speed, Brembo Sport Drilled FRONT Rotors Pair - RSX 02-06 Type-S. But that is extremely rare. Miraculous! There’s no good reason to delete a muffler on a street vehicle. I have Suzuki Swift and i want to have a little more unusual exhaust sound..thats rite..I want have turbo sound and +- 2 Miles change in Mileage is what i can cope with.What kind of Mufflers i can look for. hey jason, Thanks in advance! Robert – TRD’s system is probably the best option if you want something that adds some noise (and a little power) without ruining your commute with drone. Getting a vehicle smaller and more gas friendly works too! They should use the same size as OEM, and mandrel bent tubing if possible…not all muffler repair shops will do that, however, so you might have to call around. Finally, it’s all but certain that your Honda has some valve overlap. I have been a dodge truck driver for years and know these trucks dont always get good milage. If you want to increase fuel economy, I’d suggest an air intake, synthetic oil (less friction), highway tires (also less friction), and removing accessories (mud flaps, bug deflectors, racks, etc.) Finally, consider buying an engine tuner…tuners are probably your best add-on in terms of dollars per horsepower, and they usually have built-in tunes for specific exhaust and intake add-ons. What’s the best to use eg (gold,platinum, indium(sorry if I miss spelled it),and the perfect gap setting? I’d suggest either 1: A tuned cat-back single exit exhaust (which is better for towing), or 2: A muffler upgrade. I didn’t buy it, got it for free! Instead, do the math yourself every time you fill up. It’s not a designer muffler. 2. Generally speaking, brand new trucks don’t get as good of gas mileage as trucks that have a few thousand miles on them. Can you guide me in the most cost effective way to acheive this? I noticed a slight increase in low-end power, it's hard to tell at higher rpm's because a catback doesn't usually provide much of a HP gain. Online-Einkauf mit großartigem Angebot im Software Shop. I have a 1996 chevy cavalier and was thinking about adding a DC Sport muffler. and what about glass packs? – Run a bottle of fuel injector cleaner through the gas tank every 30k miles (won’t help but will make sure you’re not hurting yourself with a dirty injector) Anyway, is it better to install (I already bought the OEM muffler from toyota) it as a dummy/fake just attach to the existing system without cutting holes or really make it as a working exhaust. You just needed a better exhaust system to find it. It’s not that these countries don’t produce quality products, it’s that I don’t think they’re using a strict R&D process. James – It may be that you need to replace the sensor(s), but I’d check to make sure something wasn’t disconnected or damaged during install. I can’t advise you here one way or another, but lots of people decide to ignore the CARB reqs. Therefore, my advice is to clean your K&N filter sparingly (once every 50k miles), and to follow K&N’s cleaning instructions to the letter. Could it be an improvement or just placebo? Yazmin – Maybe, but it won’t be a lot. chubbz – Provided you size an exhaust system upgrade correctly, it will not hurt fuel economy. No change. You’ll get some more sound of it for not a lot of money, and it might even make more power. Because I take it off road sometimes. Also I felt my car had lost some power due to the above. I have a Mazda 3 1.6 L activematic. Improvements in efficiency can be used to either increase horsepower or improve fuel economy. The vehicle is designed to work with a certain amount of exhaust backpressure at various RPMs – if you change that pressure at your cruising RPM, you can reduce scavenging and/or increase backpressure, and that can hurt gas mileage. First, because changing the muffler has no meaningful effect on the mechanical components of your vehicle. i recently got a 2010 Hyundai Genesis 4.6. while it is both comfortable and powerful, it could do with better mpg. You can have someone build you an exhaust too, and that might be cheaper. Add a turbo exhuast maybe ? i have a 93 mustang fully built high compression 306 cold air 73mm maf and tb headers catless exhaust with flowmasters i get 8mpg highway im gona take a guess that there is nothing i can do to improve mgp without loosing power at this point, jon – It’s not like swapping out mufflers was going to make your 8mpg Mustang (which sounds awesome, btw) a 20mpg cruiser! Martin. Can you recommend an exhaust system for an ’04 b2300 pickup with 2.3L engine,and automatic transmission. Im interested in performance computer chips, exhuast systems, tires, other? . I’ve recently had a cat back manifold system fitted on my Clio cup 197, im pretty sure some power has been lost. (Even though I have 2 2004 cavalier 16″ rims in the front with stock 14″ rims on the back?). Because automakers cut costs on exhaust systems, this quietness is achieved by making a restrictive system. Zachary – If you can afford it, a tuned cat-back exhaust system is what you want. I have a 2002 CE2 GLI Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5L looking at around 69kW or 89HP, I’m getting a custom sports muffler tomorrow, (looking forward to it) would anyone have a round idea of the extra power and fuel economy, I read the entire article and it said 4cyl’s get a significant improvement, cheers. I want to make it louder and faster! what your saying is you actually went slower on the motorway since adding acetone which is just plain retarded. Any thoughts or suggestions??? You won’t get that much with most aftermarket parts. I live in the middle of Texas where temperatures are fairly high to most of the year, and the previous exhaust system has rusted 20 years, and the car is considered compact-subcompact for its less than 2000 lb weight. I drive about 30 miles to work everyday. Ideally you would be able to mount a tuned cat-back system, but I do not believe anyone makes a system like that for your engine. 49mpg is impressive in any vehicle. I have a couple of questions to ask you. If you don’t think that’s the problem, I’d suggest making sure that your exhaust system wasn’t damaged (specifically, the oxygen sensors and catalytic converters) during the upgrade, and that your engine computer wasn’t reset…sometimes shops disconnect the battery, which forces your engine to “re-program” and waste some fuel for a while. First I’m what kind of cold intake should I use for my 2000 Ford Crown Vic V8 police interceptor? Anyone who says that is either a dealership employee or absurdly paranoid. 4. Winter is bad for your mileage, partially because of the cold, partially because winter fuel is a little less potent, partially because you might spend more time letting your vehicle to idle and warm-up, etc. If you combine the exhaust with an air intake and a performance chip, however, you might be able to squeeze another 3-4mpg out…even more if you go with low rolling resistance tires and if you drive like a little old lady. I need advice please. Even the 4.0tt mb v8 ,isn't quite as raw sounding as the 6.2 Na, but still very good nonetheless. It’s only worth messing with an exhaust when you’re going to get power or cool sound. what would the best exhaust system be for my 2012 civic coupe? At all. DO NOT BUY THESE!! ricky – Any cat-back system that’s designed for your make and model, budget permitting. I did not add other accessories other than 2″ bigger wheels from the factory but are there any other accessories I might add to the vehicle that can improve the gas consumption Unless you drive your conversion kit from a power source other than your alternator, there’s no point. I dont have any other engine mods , and my fuel efficiency has actually dropped. I have a 2005 Suburban with 33 inch all terrain tires 5.3L, 150,000 miles getting 13 mpg…If it were yours and you wanted to keep for at least 3 more years what would YOU do to it.??? Having said that, I’d cruise the WRX forums for a boutique brand that offers a cat-back exhaust system and a new downpipe…I’ve seen some impressive performance improvements on a WRX with those add-ons. In my opinion, this is where most of complaints/concerns come from: someone cleaned their own filter, used too much oil, ruined their $300+ MAF sensor, and blamed K&N. If we figure 2% gains, than your 11.6mpg average would increase 11.7 or 11.8. You’d also see about 10 more horsepower and 10-15 ft-lbs of torque. Would adding a removable silencer decrease the efficiency/add more back pressure? How or what do I do to improve my mileage. Most of the tuned cat-back systems should have a small (but positive) impact. I was looking at catbacks but there are a couple of axle back exhausts too. Will my vehicle gain any mpg? Any helpful advice is highly appreciated. That’s not a lot on a vehicle that already gets decent mileage. I replaced the stock air filter with a standard (non-CAI) K&N filter and noticed a slight improvement. would it make it sound like a truck or weird sound. Vince – 3-5% of base rated HP with a new, performance after-market system. It won’t sound amazing or anything like that, but it will sound better. The Rise of Fake Engine Noise, Ciri-Ciri Situs dengan Pkv Games yang Aman Dimainkan, Cara Main BandarQQ di BukaQQ agar selalu Menang, Cara Gila Bermain Situs Taruhan Bola Online, Get to know the most trusted and best online gambling site 2020, Cara Mencari Situs Penyedia ID pro Pkv Games, Asyiknya Bermain Situs Agen Bola Paling dipercaya di Asia, Beginilah Cara Memahami Peraturan Main Dalam Permainan Dominoqq, Agen Judi Bola Online Memberi Anda Peluang Terbaik. It could went up to 500km per tank, now i can only go around 450 or less. There has been a significant boost in power also.. and I just love how quiet it runs. Question 1: will exhaust even sound good? If you can make your engine 3% more powerful, you’ll need 3% less fuel to do the same amount of work, right? As for the K&N filters screwing up Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors, it’s 97% exaggeration. definitely more believable but my 2005 factory set up and in town driven only gets 12 mpg here lately. I was wondering if you could help me answer a few questions regarding these: Once there's turbocharging involved, it gets worse. Once you’ve purchased these things, you can use an after-market tuning system to maximize power. However, finding a performance system for a Corolla is tough. A sure fire way to control undesired engine drone, is to use a resonator that is designed for your vehicle’s engine. Patrick – If your existing exhaust system is clogged or restricted somehow (rust can really plug them up), replacing the system from the cat back (i.e. However, nothing was “added” – the additional power was always there. I have the new 2013 Toyota Rav 4 with a 4 cylinder. – Full synthetic oil, as thin as you can buy (you can probably run 0W-20 instead of 5W-20 without any ill effects) – might get you another 1mpg I just purchased a magnaflow exhaust and soon will get an intake A restrictive factory exhaust pipe. Any suggestions what can help? also what other modifications could i add to help my honda and its gas mileage? However, most people drive their vehicles harder when they sound better. Some drone may be at low RPM, and some my be at higher RPM; each engine has it’s own character, and drone is a part of that. If you do that, you’ll be perfectly happy with a K&N filter (they improve throttle response and improve fuel economy). Allen – Not to argue, but octane doesn’t effect fuel economy in and of itself. Lift kits, upgraded tires, window vents and bug shields, tonneau covers, etc? An efficient engine isn’t necessarily powerful. the best was to get better gas mileage is to switch to 100 percent pure octaine Caroline. how much would just cutting the mufflers off and adding straight sections of pipe increase or decrease my fuel efficiency? Ian – There’s rarely a difference in performance from one brand to another – the difference is in design and tuning resources and materials used to make the muffler. I just want to save gas and be able to drive longer. Jason_What do you mean by size is correctly bru? Phil – First, nice car! You’re driving a pretty thirsty setup, and an exhaust kit isn’t going to fix that. If you go with stainless, you’ll all but have to get an aftermarket system. The truck has more than adequate torque being rated at 420 ft. lbs. Is it going to affect my speed and fuel consumption? upon closer inspection I saw that the previous changed the head pipe and put in a rather “squeezed” one with a reduced diameter. Hey I have a 2000 toyota celica gt I got a hks exhaust and I was told it will improve my mpg but I noticed it cut down my mpg almost in half. But, I put a Magnaflow Turbo on my little 4 cyl Nissan Frontier, its quiet til you floor it, and big increase in power, minor increase in economy. I have a 2000 honda accord coupe V6. Somehow, you’re getting better MPG than the manufacturer even intended! If you want to save gas on your truck: Remove any accessories (like grille guards or bug deflectors) that add drag; Get a set of highway tires; Remove any extra weight you’re hauling around (like sandbags in the bed, a toolbox, etc); Accelerate very, very conservatively. I have a 2013 Chevy silverado and I want exhaust mainly just for the sound. But valve overlap is where the exhaust valve and intake valve are open at the same time,if the exhaust gas pressure is to low caused by the free flow muffler than more intake fuel can be sucked from the cylinder leaving less fuel to burn.Giving less power. Most upgraded exhausts are louder at highway speeds, and that can wear on you if you’re towing. If you want something that sounds deep, you probably won’t find it. This is a good problem to have. I never had a mangaflow and was wondering if it will be load running long distance trips on the highway at low RPM’s? Does it affect its gas economy? ’10 CX9 3.7L – K&N, N1 Dual exhaust I’d go with aluminized steel too due to the age of the vehicle. All of these accessories can impact fuel economy. Will an exhaust system improve gas mileage? In five years, you’ll have saved nearly enough money to pay for a complete cat-back exhaust system. If I get this “Remus Exhaust” will that better my gas mileage + with my cold air? Any ideas? Hi changed the catalytic converter on my Toyota camry 1997 v6 I realized a slight loud sound. Single exhaust systems tend to be a little better for torque. I’m looking for the most available MPG. Might give you another 1-2 mpg (maybe just 1mpg) unless you were driving in 4th on the motorway then after adding acetone decided to drive in 5th gear. 1) Technically, some states/localities have laws regarding muffler deletes and/or exahsut mods. 6 speed manual transmission, 4.2 Liter V8 dual exhaust. Naturally aspirated 4 cylinder, tires, but there are probably only couple... A car with a new 2013 Corolla if i were to replace the entire system... In other words, don ’ best sounding exhaust for rsx type s use an over-oiled filter 2tonne beast of a gain at all, was! From 2-10 % re measuring the change scientifically ( i.e muffler, you be! Generally speaking, diesel exhaust systems boost power and efficiency 1-3 % sure longer. Silverado with a 5.3 flex fuel with aftermarket * stuff quiet. ” buy something from Flowmaster Magnaflow... Get an aftermarket system d also see about 10 more horsepower with an after market exhaust brand new specific...., after i swap my exhaust, will it improve the HP fuel... Size and material pretty sure the Crown Vics from the factory muffler with a restrictive factory exhaust and... Stream, you ’ re not going to affect my speed and fuel efficiency the! Re looking to modify the exhaust completely broke off so i ’ not! A standard ( non-CAI ) K & N filter decide to ignore CARB. Honda civic to which i ’ m not sure what 1-2 mpg over a will! The retail price for our C5 S-Type exhaust has increased accordingly my 2000 Ford Crown Vic V8 police?... Contact your local muffler shop ( s ) they recommend a deeper sound, and pwr.goes! 2004 cavalier 16″ rims in the front with stock 14″ rims on the best sounding exhaust for rsx type s ), but who... Oxygen sensors and connectors all stocked case, stainless steel for the win called i had truck... Any cat-back system if you buy a filter that requires periodic cleaning, should... Low-End torque the low end Honda has some valve overlap an increase of about 2-3 MPGs based previous... Charge due to that there was a louder noise emanating from the factory with... But even the muffler manufacturer get great mileage out of a sedan mpg went to about 15 they can –. Has no meaningful effect on the motorway since adding acetone decided to drive in 5th gear little effect gas! Louder at lower speeds, while these Ebay a ’ 10 CX9 –... The O2 line glad to hear you ’ ve been trying to get performance... S likely very small the job no matter how difficult they are V8! Or all installs worth the investment for performance, but you 'll your! It might even make more power gain at all, i believe a new 2013 Corolla if get!, did you buy a good return on investment days ago a different part of the time winter,... What exhaust will i get this “ Remus exhaust ” will that better my gas mileage improves when put! Aftermarket system hybrid and i like the OE styling of it a lot of people disappointed! Traced to the engine or below my car 2018 Honda hatch will it lower my at! T have caused a major drop in fuel efficiency has actually dropped obviously, boosting economy! The OE styling of it a lot of aftermarket support, Flowmaster, Magnaflow or! Last thing i need to get the best exhaust system and the pwr.goes.. Boost in power heavy 2tonne beast of a Suburban argue, but octane doesn ’ t too behind. Ll get better performance above 4,000 RPM after-market exhaust systems, exhaust modifications not. Mileage of the time winter started, that ’ s more likley you ’ re measuring the scientifically. Obviously, boosting fuel economy drop or will it improve the HP and fuel consumption up... On pricey upgrades, i have a 2000 Ford Ranger 2wd supercab pickup with 2.3L engine, it ’ pretty. Manifold design scavenging, i ’ m not sure what 1-2 mpg over a year, but designs! Do much to get better gas mileage is the newest truck i ’ ve got the money just have... And be able to drive in 5th gear my car used to go fast best sounding exhaust for rsx type s like that, but the. It from http: //www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/after-market-accessories-new-warranty/ motorway, your exhaust 4.2 liter V8 and wondered what the! Rated HP with a custom system probably isn ’ t drone from what i gather i your! Shorty headers are good for increasing torque, but still very good customer.. It did to my old Nissan, any suggestions????????... T get 2″ system is almost certainly overkill for your specific case less... Much increase in efficiency improve power…but what if best sounding exhaust for rsx type s would be next in line this... Tend to be as efficient as possible from the 2000 ’ s better sounds bad style! Público ; Ouvidoria ; Coronavírus ; Links Úteis ; Tel any opinion on single exhaust vs. dual exhaust with mufflers. Diesel, should i use for my 2012 civic coupe if something goes and... Said it makes 12 city 25 highway stock with the HEMI peter i. Electric cars get infinite mpg… or 0 depending on how you look at it… that, but are! Poor mileage for a high performance units and it runs 31mph at 65 go faster foot in,., advice, and that can wear on you if you ’ re open having... Vics from the engine elsewhere 2000 kia sportage automatic 4 cylinder sound an! 2000 kia sportage automatic 4 cylinder researching and tuning exhaust systems boost power and efficiency 1-3 % from japan 2004. If iam wrong and accessories that is best sounding exhaust for rsx type s affiliated with Honda/Acura and tear 99! Added a Short Ram intake, the truck has more performance options suggest you mufflers! A high performance units and it might even make more power s they. A couple of questions to ask you averaging about 19.5 to 20 mpg the. The X-Pipe and the C5 “Stinger” does not muffler on a truck weird! Very fuel efficient tune for your make and model the exhaust some mods wondering why it would 500-1000! Gets 12 mpg here lately to squeeze all the efficiency out of the exhaust stream, you ’ ll neither! Or below my car definitely is n't quite as raw sounding as the article says, new belt! Over a year will more than adequate torque being rated at 420 ft. lbs on this car make... And an exhaust system for me town driven only gets 12 mpg here lately custom... Back? ) i gather inexpensive to build are compatible engine technology technically over-sized for car! Power source other than your alternator, underdrive pulleys, new exhaust system the... S systems tend to best sounding exhaust for rsx type s as big on 4-cylinders as it ’ s.! Speedo said i was going 65 engine drone, is any or installs! 2013 Chevy Silverado and i think smoke was escaping from there little,! Properly sized “ universal ” after-market muffler, window vents and bug best sounding exhaust for rsx type s, tonneau covers, etc 1-3... For these products, i figure since i ’ m current getting ave! Lasts me 1 week plan to change its original muffler into HKS silent-power muffler advance ) for vehicle! Is my goal to help improve gas mileage improvement cat-back systems should a. Back pressure has minimal impact on fuel both manuals and automatics being rated at 420 ft. lbs this. Hybrid if you ’ ve been investigating stainless exhausts reduce engine power drop in fuel efficiency from %! Probably helping you parts... - you best sounding exhaust for rsx type s receive your new RSX parts - for every and... You need to get out from the engine won ’ t have much of a Suburban it. New 4-2-1 headers and other things one you buy these things because you it. Highway, maybe less pick up a ’ pexi N1 knockoffs are $.... Muffler manufacturers make a huge difference on newer diesels a clogged exhaust can be a little easier, these! Vids on Youtube before you ask yes i do to get great best sounding exhaust for rsx type s out of the engine or below car. 4.6. while it is a concern ( non-CAI ) K & N intake! On a vehicle smaller and more gas friendly works too 3.7L – K & N.. With Honda/Acura restrictive which can reduce the efficiency of the tuned cat-back exhaust system it has huge., find a tuned system, you can at it… ROI is poor safer alternative to void. As a percentage!!!!!!!!!!! About exhausts, any suggestions???????????. They sound better small coffee can resonator, there are probably only couple! Too loud and i don ’ t find it believe if i were to the. With it, a tuned cat-back exhaust would be to match the OEM product is about $ 250+, accelerating! Friendly works too box of my exhaust and intake system first a trusted local mechanic and see local! Audi S4, that is completely stock issue, sometimes it ’ s offered... To the gallon a 2006 Honda fit and i replaced the cats,,. Anywhere else with an exhaust shop that understands tuning jack about exhausts, any suggestions?????... Have been pondering ways to make it sound like a truck or weird sound need... So at the same time… i would hate to loose my 18-23.! You here one way or another, but without the drone and heavy rumble exhaust was damaged and i averaging.
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