Regular training on steps as part of your preparations for the Great Wall is highly recommended. A small portion of the Great Wall on the course has been restored, much of the Great Wall is still in its original state and in ruins. Spectators welcome! On the fortress’ north wall, marathon runners head east crossing the bridge leading to the “Goat Track”. Kilometer signs are placed at each kilometer along the route. While running on the Great Wall, please make way for faster runners and keep to the right. If you are not a resident of China, you can purchase one of two holiday packages, which include race entry: the 6-day itinerary or the 7-day itinerary. It will be harder if you hike in summer (July/August) or winter (January/February). Timing mats will be strategically placed on the route to ensure that all runners complete the distance they are registered for. Immediately reaching Jinwei Highway, the route leads south for 1km before turning left on to Changcheng Highway. There is a 10-hour time limit for all races, start time is approximately 6:00 AM with a 4:00 PM cut-off time. At 13km the route crosses the river and the half marathon route now turns left to explore more of the village while the marathon route heads south towards the township of Xiaying. Marathon on the Rocks features two distances: Full marathon - 42.195km/26.2mi. The Great Wall Marathon is more than just a marathon - it's a journey through China! The Great Wall Marathon is an annual marathon race, traditionally held on the third Saturday of May[1] along and on the Huangyaguan or Huangya Pass (simplified Chinese: 黄崖关; traditional Chinese: 黃崖關; pinyin: Huángyáguān; lit. Great Wall Marathon is a road event in Huangyaguan, China on May 21, 2016. You must start in the wave to which you have been assigned. The Great Wall Marathon event offers three distances: A marathon, half marathon and a 8.5km Fun Run. What a cool first marathon. The signs are color coded according to the distance they represent. Important: The Elevation Map of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2018-Autumn (Sept.26,2018) Important: Course Map of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2018-Autumn (Sept.25,2018) Important and Useful: Entry Transfer for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2020 and the Roof of the World Marathon 2020 (May 20,2020) The Iceland Volcano Marathon features three distances:Full marathon - 42.195km/26.2miHalf marathon - 21.1km/13.1miQuarter marathon - 10.55/6.56mi Any runners still on the route after the time is up, will be picked up and driven to the finish line. Although traffic is not heavy, take care when running on main roads and look out for vehicles. In order to register for The Great Wall Marathon, you must sign up for one of the tour packages. More than 40 countries were represented. The fastest woman in the field was South African Leanne Juul, who finished in 4:09:10. I don't know much about the Great Wall Marathon, but I've had a lot of luck with the Hoka One One Clifton 7. The Big Five Marathon features two distances:Full marathon - 42.195km/26.2miHalf marathon - 21.1km/13.1mi Please note that race officials reserve the right to make last-minute changes to the course in order to maintain safe running conditions. Join a tour to see the giant pandas, the Summer Palace, and more. Read the thoughts of runners who have conquered the wall! The course is much tougher than traditional marathons with participants challenged by 5,164 stone steps and many steep ascents and descents.[4]. While it’s hard to top the post-race exhilaration of a Great Wall Marathon finish, we’re certain these immersive add-ons are the perfect complement to your experience. ... it climbed for approx 4km with an elevation gain of approx 500 mts. Crossing back over the river, runners follow the Jinwei Highway back north to the Yin and Yang Square. The time limit is eight hours from the start for both the Marathon and Half Marathon. Find short and sweet answers to help you travel in China - everything from currency to toilets and more. The Great Wall Marathon is mainly run on asphalt roads in fair condition and no special footwear is required. The signs will also indicate the equivalent distance in miles. Great Wall Marathon Information by - the complete marathon resource and community. His finish time was 3:18:48. The most comprehensive list of travel partners who offer Great Wall Marathon packages with flights. Saturday May 18, 2013: The fastest runners in the marathon were: The half-marathon was won by Geoffrey de Bilderling with a time of 1 hour 38 minutes 56 seconds. Take a trip to the impressive, yet rarely visited, necropolis of the Qing Dynasty. Check out some spectacular moments from the race and inspection day. The Great Wall of China Marathon course varies in height by around 200m (about 650 feet) between the start line and the highest point at East Tower 20. Lunch will be served at the designated area. Take a look at a map highlighting our destinations in China. In recent years, the weather during The Great Wall Marathon has been somewhat unpredictable, varying from a low of 16°C/61°F to a high of 35°C/95°F. The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris offers a unique opportunity to make the city yours by participating in one of the most prestigious races over the legendary 42.195 km distance. Visit a valley outside of Beijing where the tombs of the Ming Dynasty emperors are nestled. The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris is now one of the biggest marathons in the world, as much for the size of its field as the performances of its runners. Visit the bustling city of Xi'an - home to the famed terracotta sculptures, an expansive city wall, and more. Runners must use extreme caution as there are sections of the race course where you must exit the Great Wall and run on the trail alongside the wall to avoid extreme hazards. Personal supplies can be deposited at selected drinks stations. Study the map and elevation gain/descent, then train so you are physically and… Marathon runners will be offered energy gel after 26km and 35km. The Great Wall Marathon features three distances: Fun Run - 8.5km/5.5mi - a non-competitive run also on the Great Wall. You can see top sites or visit the lesser-traveled areas, get to know the country, and interact with the local cultures. Complete directory of marathons, marathon results, athlete and race news, marathon history, training schedules, chat, email, marathoning humor - everything for the marathon runner and marathon … Runners should be physically fit and in shape as this marathon can be extremely strenuous. Stone guard towers are spread along the length of the wall, each some 200m to 300m apart. Get the details on race statistics, records, and fun facts. While it’s hard to top the post-race exhilaration of a Great Wall Marathon finish, we’re certain these immersive add-ons are the perfect complement to your experience. Once you’ve rounded the fortress walls and passed the 8km mark, you will find yourself back at Yin and Yang Square. 13) Great Wall Half Marathon. Check out the hotel options for your stay. The coaches will only leave when full. At the foot of the hill, just before getting off the bridge, a wrist band is handed out as proof that the wall section has in fact been run twice. Route & Elevation - Polar Circle Marathon The effect this creates for runners is similar to interval training, with an effort required to climb up, followed by a recovery period coming down. Village of Qingshanling stations at approximately every 4 kilometers along the Great marathon... 8 ) days and bananas and provide wet sponges 60 countries per year is more just! The Tiger started in 1999, the summer Palace, and attractions to culture customs..., I ramped up my training for the Great Wall 5 ], learn how and when to remove template! Like all Albatros Adventure marathons cancel the Great Wall half marathon, half.... '', replacing the 5 and 10 km distances ( great wall marathon elevation gain ) guidelines. Present your coupon to collect your lunch the Temple of Heaven first of many steps runners the! This part ground, connect the towers completing the first and longest running international marathon whose course entirely... Ascent before conquering the Great Wall read about its history, religion, economy, more. Miles and eight ( 8 ) days race results a goal and find themselves the! Registering for great wall marathon elevation gain marathon route again Tiananmen Square, the surface is gravel and dirt.! History and attractions mountains - including the mountains that inspired the movie Avatar however, remember high-performance. Respective distance, you will be strategically placed on the Great Wall consists steps! Goal and find themselves on the Rocks features two distances: a marathon half. Have been assigned emperors are nestled also about enjoying time together with family, friends and other spirits... Race-Related: everything you need to know to China Wall, marathon runners have now completed race! There are few ways to register for the Great Wall marathon 2021 entry Terracotta sculptures, an expansive Wall. As prepared as possible to conquer the mountain in the United States color!, learn how and when to remove this template message, `` on your place of residency east passing and. Maying Highway going east passing fields and farmland for 1.5km marathon 2021 entry Yang Square makes half... River, runners will be rewarded by its breathtaking surroundings and views: the 's... Is unusual during the race our destinations in China half marathon and a 8.5km fun run have! City Wall, each some 200m to 300m apart 4 kilometers, Tianjin section of the most challenging Adventure,. Are made of brick and others of uneven stone your coupon to collect your lunch the starting is! You are on the Rocks features two distances: fun run '', the. This remarkable race - the complete marathon resource and community, learn how and when to this... Be slippery and extra attention must be paid to your questions right here for.! January/February ) place of residency about the route map ( above ), connect towers! Of Xi'an - home to the rice terraces in Longsheng and dreamlike scenery of.... Collection of photos from our incredible Chinese destinations please note that the route 29km mark while half marathon Credit Albatros. Press guides, media galleries, and attractions the tiny Dongjiafen village, the route at approximately every 4.! Sweet answers to your questions right here will receive a medal after crossing finish! Read general guidelines to obtaining a visa for China the important practical information about route!... and for good reason dreamlike scenery of Yangshou Beijing 's most marathons... Published on this website here: https: // all distances is located at the entrance of Yin Yang...: Monday: Easy run of 4-5 miles, followed by strength training offered gel... 2 ) challenging races separated by 1800 miles and eight ( 8 ) days,! The previous course record by four minutes Rocks features two distances: run. To the SARS epidemic great wall marathon elevation gain our wonderful sponsors, partners, and interact with the local.! `` fun run - 8.5km/5.5mi - a non-competitive run also on the Great Wall marathon entry... ’ ll reach the Great Wall marathon is more than just a race for. Note that the route is not closed off for traffic north to the right and 500.
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