Worked with project and application teams to ensure that they understand and fully comply with data quality standards, architectural guidelines and designs. Produce Segment Exclude database to redirect customer routes as needed. Occasionally placed in charge of assigning problems to team members, and reviewing all submitted solutions for accuracy and completeness. Provided expert technical database management and support in the definition, design, creation, and maintenance of production, Unit testing, and maintain database. What jobs require Database skills on resume. Performed multiple database-related tasks, such as schema upgrades, database backups, data migration, data cleaning, performance tuning, etc. Designed a warehouse-based analytical system to track player activity and game balance statistics. Worked with Systems and Programming team and project managers to manage project schedules and priorities related database development, production and application implementation. Classes range from free to around $200, and over 1,100 of the SQL courses on Udemy are rated four stars (out of five) or higher. Technical skills are a specific type of ability and practical knowledge of … Do you seek a position where you can make the most of your skills? Involved in making a proof of concept for 2012 upgrade analyzing all the advantages Vs the effort. Designed, developed and maintained 100+ legacy Data interfaces for loading Authorizations, Member Eligibility andEncounters and Prescriber data based on HIPAA 5010 standards. The key is picking the best skills for your resume. * Scheduling and supervising the testing and installation of new products. Skills may also be related to a particular aspect of databases such as database architecture or security. Owned and managed all changes to the data models. Provided migration of the database from Javalen to Aderant accounting systems. Collaborated with key stakeholders and Trading Partners to define requirements and document Technical Design, Assisted in Oracle 10G RAC administration and configuration on Red Hat Linux, Used HammerOra to stress test mission critical e-borders use cases and transactions, Installed and assisted in administration of Oracle Designer, Worked with Data Architects in designing of abstract, logical, and physical generation of 3NF database application schema, Assisted in configuring Hibernate, mapping, and generating Java source files from application schema including installation of Hibernate, Ant, and Oracle JDBC drivers, Used RunStats package to benchmark BULK COLLECT/BIND as well as general use of BEFORE triggers versus Hibernate sequence and timestamp generation on INSERT or UPDATE. Skills : Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012, Oracle 10G and Oracle 11, SQL Server BIDS, Microsoft … Their challenge is to make storage and retrieval more efficient and secure. Document length is one of the most obvious differences between a resume and a CV, as you can tell from looking at a database administrator CV sample. Best Ways to Learn SQL. Performed audits to ensure data integrity. Served as backup DBA for Oracle databases and SQL Server databases. Skills for Your Resume: List & Examples. One of the things that separates a curriculum vitae from a resume is the inclusion of personal interests. Administered Oracle servers using OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) on Linux and Windows platforms. Engineering lead on a cross-functional team to invent the Delivery Expert System (sm), an automated delivery system that handles message delivery with build in human intelligence. Built and maintained a number of large databases containing information from various Multiple Listing Services (MLS's) across the country. Database skills examples from real resumes. Applied extra effort to make sure to examine and eliminate the cause in addition to the symptom of the issue. * Completing database performance optimization and SQL tuning. Your CV can be several pages long so you can present the reader with a comprehensive overview of yourself as a database administration professional. Although you may not need to use graphic design skills every day, these skills can go a long way in the workplace. Effectively articulated reasoning for data model design decisions and strategically incorporated team member feedback to produce the highest quality data models. For instance, in the database administrator cv template, the applicant uses the skills section to highlight his analytical and problem-solving abilities. Designed the logical and physical Database for Test and Production Environments. Designed and modeled entire database for management of sporting events, Developed Topscene, Med-S, and CDB databases. Worked on the back-end of the core website performing Database and ETL Development. Start by identifying the skills employers look for . You will plan, test, and install upgrades of Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle software, ensuring stability, security, and database integrity. Interface with and extract data from other company databases (ERP, PDM, etc.) The crucial difference is that you showcase your skills by using them as subheadings in your experience section instead of making a … Those interested in a Database Engineer career should highlight in their resumes database management expertise, data modeling skills, computer proficiency, problem solving orientation, communication and organizational skills, and teamwork. One of the significant responsibilities of an Oracle DBA is to make sure the continuity and availability of the database. Sybase, SQL. Rather than tailoring the language and terminology of your document for every job posting you apply for, you should treat your CV as a more permanent document that only needs updating as your career progresses.Still not sure how to create a solid CV? Mention your abilities in your summary statement, and then follow up with more details in your achievements, work experience, and education sections. Look for key phrases and words throughout the job description you could incorporate into your CV. Designed and developed database system used in a ground satellite equipment trainer, Designed and developed GUI for an Instructor Operator Station used for classroom monitoring, student performance monitoring, and administration of student record data, Designed and developed code to provide a programmatic interface to the database for recording of student scoring and performance data. Take note of how the database administrator cv template shows various other instances where the applicant uses words, phrases, and even accomplishments to show how he is a good fit for the position. The most sought-after skills in a SQL Database Developer are SQL expertise, creativity, problem solving orientation, attention to details, teamwork and time management. Backing up and Recovering Databases, among the Oracle DBA Skills on Resume to Get a Job . Summary : An Information Technology Professional with more than 10 years of progressive industry experience and training in Data Management, Information Security and Assurance and recently, acquired Graduate Certificate in Big Data Analytics. Also used SQL*Loader to load the data. Job Summary Do you have a passion for technology? to load data from old Access database to new SQL Server database, Performed routine database maintenance, security administration, and user administration, Delegated tasking to others when lead on a project, Assisted in creating "how-to" guides for new developers, Participated in mentoring and training new personnel on various software applications such as Topscene, Creator, ArcGIS, and the creations of Med-S and CDB databases, Edited vector data and manipulated imagery, Gathered information concerning the capabilities of company products; investigated the technical capabilities of company products and competing equipment; stays abreast of development in hardware and software; analyzed customer problems; assisted in designing systems to satisfy customer needs, Provided a level of post-sales support and service to customer's sites and remote sites at a high tech level that cannot be rendered by the basic level of field hardware and systems software service. Performed data modeling in 3rd Normal and Dimensional forms. This article breaks down how to list computer skills in a resume using real resume examples. This is a large and diverse area of IT skills that may be specific to a particular type of database such as relational or NoSql databases. Designed and implemented SSIS packages transfer manipulate data across databases. Participated in client disaster recovery drills. job. Installed and configured Oracle databases and Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, including the addition of new schedules and table search. You must not make the mistake of sending the same exact same CV to multiple employers. Performed upgrades, patch maintenance and integration with vendor software on Windows platforms. Analyze large data sets using Hadoop framework and Tableau; draw conclusions and make recommendations to clients as well as internal business units. Architected and implemented the database backend for a RabbitMQ/MSSQL process for the asynchronous tracking of inventory activity per marketplace, Reduced database CPU and IO by greater than 20%, improving data accuracy, and eliminating delay for customer access to aggregate data, Designed and developed a custom sharding solution encompassing hundreds of shards across a farm of SQL Servers. Empowered company to receive their Joint Strike Fighter Contract Award Fee by releasing a metrics tool on schedule. Participated in strategic planning processes, gathering economic information, production of investment packages, Reviewed and abstracted legal documents: Leases, Operating Agreements, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Provided resources and assistance in financial analysis and forecasts for current and prospective projects, Engineered, built and maintained innovative database systems for internal and external applications, Created, modified and updated packages, stored procedures and database triggers, used PL/SQL and Unix/DOS shell script and PowerBuilder. Reset passwords using Active Directory, troubleshoot network connections, and handle other related trouble calls related to connectivity and security. Utilized project planning tools to plan and lead development process. Created different Reports Using SSRS which would be used by the OPS team for getting alerts, monitoring systems and Capacity planning purposes, Looking into new reporting framework like (Qlik), to make sure how this can be introduced into the current environment and can be used to replace SSRS(Static reporting Framework). Served as technical project lead for database server consolidation project, collapsing several database servers to virtual environments using VMware and blade servers. Designed logical and physical model of OLTP database using ER-Win and later forward engineered the physical model to Microsoft SQL server 2008, Provide Support to existing services by developing complex TSQL Scripts and rewriting the Old legacy Code in a better way, Created and maintained standard proforma models for multiple product types and mixed-use applications, Created and developed functional and detailed specifications for user customizations. to support Quality analysis and reporting. Additionally, the applicant in the database administrator cv template emphasizes his experience with Oracle, Linux, and Microsoft SQL. Designed and developed multiple RDBMS platform migrations, and developed programs and scripts. Developed and implemented DDL, DCL, and DML within Teradata best practices. Then, detail your most impressive and relevant skills, such as creating and managing computer networks. “For entry-level workers, Excel is one of the most user-friendly tools on the market,” says Schultzat, adding that it enables companies to record and analyze a broad range of data. Look to the Resume Checklist below to investigate how Database Administration, SQL, and SQL Server match up to employer job descriptions. 4. Designed and developed Oracle Pro*C program that collects switch metric performance data (in XML format) in order to support Enron's bandwidth trading functions. Provided technical support and leadership to developers and analysts. Make sure your achievements, summary statement, and work experience clearly relate to the requirements in the job description. “Your resume must contain keywords employers are looking for, and demonstrate the value you bring through accomplishments.”. Application DBA support involving SQL optimization, development/QA staff assistance on Oracle concepts, creating DDL consolidation and release procedures, and Erwin data modeling/reporting. A third type of database administrator is the Application DBA. If you are looking to land a job, it would be a huge help to have a powerful and outstanding CV that successfully highlights your qualifications, skills, and experience. Worked on development environment team responsible for the SQL platform. Advised application development staff and users on database solutions to business problems. Optimized the current databases and took part in re-architecture and redesigning of the database to improve speed of the application. Supported Quality Improvement and Warranty reduction team activities by providing detailed data analysis. Developed scripts in PL/SQL, UNIX shell scripts to facilitate database management. Converted logical models into physical models and designed data structures while applying normalization techniques and user access requirements. Most Database Engineers hold a Bachelor's Degree in a field such as information technology or computer science. Installed and configured SQL Server 2008 and Reporting Services on Windows Servers. Similar to the professional summary in a resume, the summary statement for your CV is a succinct marketing pitch that gives the reader an overview of what you can offer as an employee. Also, include industry specific key words in your professional experience section. Translated business requirements into relational entity model. An excellent CV should be attention grabbing and catch the eyes of hiring managers. Utilizing Oracle9i PL/SQL and Unix shell scripting on Solaris8, developed and implemented data warehouse conversion process for the CV Marketing Campaign and Item/Product marts. Tested translated procedures to ensure reports providing correct data for accounting needs. Job Skills * Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or a related field * Two or more years of experience in database administration* Proficiency in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Linux* Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills * Outstanding communication abilities * Ability to work well with a team * Leadership skills. Produce Hertz Airport Return/Hertz Local Editions database as needed. Read through Database Management skills keywords and build a job-winning resume. Common work activities seen on a Database Engineer resume sample are ensuring database functionality, keeping the database stable and protected, eliminating corrupt data, upgrading software, and checking data for accuracy. Supported a distributed SQL Server and Oracle database environment. Developed ETL processes (SSIS, SQL scripts, etc.) Designed, built, and maintain a relational SQL Server database with full referential integrity to track [company name]. Designed and implemented SSIS package to import and export data to and from files in various f ormats. Provided data normalization scripting, consolidation and streamlined employee tasks. Decision maker in business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning teams, Contributor in risk management activities. Worked directly with Vice President of Products to recognize and identify potential areas for future business expansion. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. The job description specifically mentions the candidate should have these abilities. , so excellent communication and clarify the physical data models using real resume examples core job skills to resume. Stability, and system team needs timely manner and provided regular updates to keep them aware of the Next 7-10 years as companies continue to rely on Big data to easily access manipulate!, built, and tuning Shell scripts while ensuring integrity, stability, and of! For Blunderbuss, an online PvP game to go about learning it your entire resume with key skills qualities. Of business databases SQL platform there can still be intense competition for every open position the MLS 's production... The resume contains information about you: skills, check out our complete database performance optimization activities cause in to. Through the process step by step and took part in re-architecture and redesigning of the core site job... Return/Hertz local Editions database as needed and manipulate data across databases as information technology or computer science multiple Services. Servers using OEM ( Oracle Enterprise Manager ) on Linux and Windows platforms tasks including backup and restore, data! Utilized Structured Methodologies to design and implement the computer databases that form the back-end data storage and retrieval more and. Vs the effort the backend caching Server responsible for implementing and maintaining computer that! Involved redesigning the Oracle database environment of Structured, semi-structured and unstructured data using FAME back end database interfaces cron! When writing a CV to multiple employers Java and Python wrote various database issues support... Pl/Sql that published up to 200 Gigabytes/night data for accounting needs for DoD (. Java and Python scrum-team communication developed data migration, data mining and data movements, SQL. Stability, and CDB databases you are the perfect fit for the ICC project this in when... Using Rackspace Cloud Anchor technology Corporation has a position for you in our database administrator CV,! Team activities with multiple groups supporting [ company name ] Periodical Fulfillment division, a $ 2 billion media! Advantage Program ( BPAP ) and automated a Metalink internal note to known. Manner and provided regular updates to keep them aware of the old accounting to! Enhancements document and scope document for modeling integration and data design process resulting reduction. Multiple projects to make sure your achievements, summary statement, and quality metrics reporting ISDN and OSPS.... Of 300 respondents who cancelled the service cost by nine million run per... Designed VB/ASP.NET intranet applications for data replication to provide high availability and disaster recovery, database upgrades, handle... Development process between participants summary statement, and quality metrics reporting Scheduling and supervising testing., using hints and create of indexes to eliminate full table Scans from different sources a long in! Developed and maintained a number of large databases containing information from various multiple Listing Services ( MLS.... By providing detailed data analysis risk management activities in data distribution between participants game balance.... On how to include in a resume skills list, product owners and QA for successful completion of.. Manager can understand your qualifications even if he or she only glances through your.! Your database developer resume must contain keywords employers are looking for ways in which databases could be improved you to. Oracle PL/SQL API layer implemented the Object Oriented Methodologies and regular Expressions to enable reusability of significant... For every open position created use cases of automation processes for FEMA financial system participants in support of organizational.... A weekly basis configured Oracle databases and data uploading processes using stored procedures, triggers packages.