[To Athena.] ATHENA CHORUS ORESTES The Oresteia of Aeschylus : Eumenides Page 4 were massed and saw upon the altar there a man accursed 40 of gods; he was a suppliant in that place, dripping blood from his hands, which held a sword, freshly drawn, and a branch of olive from high on the bush, all wrapped with great care in a long piece of wool from a fleece of fine colour. Aeschylus. Do you reject the nearest kinship, that of a mother? But Zeus of the assembly has prevailed.30 Our rivalry in doing good is victorious forever. Answer our questions, one by one. CHORUS [723] You did such things also in the house of Pheres, when you persuaded the Fates to make mortals free from death.26. And now he is here somewhere, cowering. Hermes is the guide of the living on their journeys; as he is also the conductor of the souls of the dead to the nether world. [Enter Clytaemnestra from the … The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of every Shakespeare play. Without the spear, she will win me and my land and the Argive people as faithful and true allies for all time. AESCHYLUS THE EUMENIDES [THE KINDLY ONES] 458 BC DRAMATIS PERSONAE Priestess: prophetic priestess (the Pythia) of Apollo at Delphi. [599] Put your confidence in the dead now, after you have killed your mother! Request full-text PDF. 23. [870] For me to suffer this, alas! ORESTES [422] And where is the end of flight for the killer? APOLLO And when you have the first-fruits of this great land forever, offerings on behalf of children and of marriage rites, you will praise my counsel. Harvard Universrity Press. [204] And then you agreed to take the fresh blood on yourself. Greek text with facing translations, 1922 – prose Agamemnon Libation Bearers Eumenides Gilbert Murray, 1925 – verse Agamemnon, Libation Bearers Louis MacNeice, 1936 – … Overcome by sleep, I have lost my prey. Indeed I have suffered much and all in vain. The Etruscans were regarded as the inventors of the trumpet. [867] It is possible for you to choose such things from me: bestowing good, receiving good, well honored in this land that is most beloved to the gods. 31. Error of judgment is the source of much distress, and the cast of a single ballot has set upright a house. [566] Herald, give the signal and restrain the crowd; and let the piercing Tyrrhenian19 trumpet, filled with human breath, send forth its shrill blare to the people! Aeschylus Eumenides full free pdf books Kinsfolk, actual or fictitious, were united in phratriai, with common worship, offerings, and festivals. - Translation - Agamemnon, Choephoroe, Eumenides.Internet Archive BookReader - The Oresteia of Aeschylus Agamemnon, Choephori. ATHENA [140] Awake! 2. CHORUS 3. I call on you as witnesses turning to the judges to hear these things. The Chorus is now to be solemnly conducted to the cave beneath the Hill of Ares, the seat of the worship of the Venerable Ones (Semnai, l. 1041), with whom the poet here identifies the Erinyes, the Angry Ones, the Avenging Spirits. The examination of authenticity is the departure point after which the question of freedom in this tragedy can be addressed mainly with Heidegger’s Being and Time in view. Near the great altar of Apollo the French excavators of Delphi discovered a navel-stone. After he has poured out his mother's blood on the ground, shall he then live in his father's house in Argos? [435] How not?—since we honor you because you are worthy and of worthy parentage. Chorus: Furies, goddesses of blood revenge. by Aeschylus. ORESTES Translated by E. Morshead. Download: A 53k text-only version is available for download. GHOST OF CLYTAEMESTRA [747] Yes, and we will be ruined, or maintain our honors further. The jury cast their ballots; and the goddess, declaring that it is her duty to pronounce final judgment on the case, makes known that her vote is to count for Orestes, who is to win if the ballots are equally divided. CHORUS Introductory essays.- I. [1014] Farewell, farewell, again, I repeat, all you in the city, both gods and mortals, living in Pallas' city; if you duly revere my residence among you, you will not blame the chances of life. Ah, cruel indeed are the wrongs of the daughters of Night, mourning over dishonor! D. in two volumes. Most scholarship hitherto has focused on the shift from retaliatory justice to trial by court of law enacted in the play. CHORUS [436] What do you want to say to this, stranger, in turn? Born at Eleusis in 525 B.C.E. The Sacred Texts … [149] Oh! 13. [34] Horrors to tell, horrors for my eyes to see, have sent me back from the house of Loxias, so that I have no strength and I cannot walk upright. CHORUS [206] And do you then rebuke us, the ones who escorted him here? 1900. [273] For Hades is mighty in holding mortals to account under the earth, and he observes all things and within his mind inscribes them. Peace endures for all time between Pallas' citizens and these new dwellers here. It is not right for you to approach this house; no, your place is where the punishments are beheading, gouging out of eyes, cutting of throats, and where young men's virility is ruined by destruction of seed; where there is mutilation and stoning, and where those who are impaled beneath their spine moan long and piteously. [208] But this has been assigned to us—. For you are not poor in subtleties. [106] Truly, you have lapped up many of my offerings—wineless libations, a sober appeasement; and I have sacrificed banquets in the solemn night upon a hearth of fire at an hour unshared by any god. CHORUS CHORUS ELECTRA: daughter of Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra, sister of Orestes. I have a timely word of advice: arrogance is truly the child of impiety, but from health of soul comes happiness, dear to all, much prayed for. [432] I say that oaths must not win victory for injustice. ATHENA APOLLO The priestess of Apollo discovers Orestes as a suppliant in the inner shrine of the god at Delphi, and fronting him the Erinyes of his mother, a band of fearsome creatures who, wearied with the pursuit of the fugitive, have fallen on sleep. THE PYTHIAN PROPHETESS Which of the public altars shall he use? [901] Then stay in the land and you will gain other friends. [210] We drive matricides from their homes. Creatures like you should live in the den of a blood-drinking lion, and not inflict pollution on all near you in this oracular shrine. What shall I do? My ancient privilege still remains, I do not meet with dishonor, although I have my place under the earth and in sunless darkness. From the Brittle Books digitization program at the Ohio State University Libraries. For your power to do good is assured. As to my family, you will soon learn. ATHENA Eumenides translated by Edmund Doidge Anderson Morshead [1881] Other Plays Prometheus Bound translated by Edmund Doidge Anderson Morshead [1881] The Seven Against Thebes translated by Edmund Doidge Anderson Morshead [1881] The Suppliants translated by Edmund Doidge Anderson Morshead [1881] The Persians translated by Robert Potter [1809] Now Shipping! ATHENA APOLLO [162] They do such things, the younger gods, who rule, wholly beyond justice, a throne dripping blood, about its foot, about its head. - Volume 14 Issue 7 - R. Y. Tyrrell Child of Zeus, you have become a thief—you, a youth, have ridden down old divinities—by showing respect to your suppliant, a godless man and cruel to a parent; although you are a god, you have stolen away a man that killed his mother. [968] I am glad that they are zealously accomplishing these things for my land; and I am grateful to Persuasion, that her glance kept watch over my tongue and mouth, when I encountered their fierce refusal. OT). ORESTES I pray for the city, with favorable prophecy, that the bright gleam of the sun may cause blessings that give happiness to life to spring from the earth, in plenty. hermaion is an “unexpected find.” 24. [64] No! O.C.) [748] Correctly count the ballots cast forth, friends, and be in awe of doing wrong in the division of the votes. 29. Not women, but rather Gorgons I call them; and yet I cannot compare them to forms of Gorgons either. 32. The earliest ancient Greek text to narrate the resolution of a large-scale conflict by judicial means is Aeschylus’s tragedy Eumenides , first performed in Athens in 458 BC. Cranaus was the mythical founder of the “rocky city” (kranaos “rocky”), a favourite name of Athens. ORESTES 6. Translated by Smyth, Herbert Weir. CHORUS and the treaty with Sparta denounced. This notion appears in Egypt (Diodorus Siculus 1. Aeschylus was born of noble family near Athens in 525 BC. APOLLO I am responsible for the murder of his mother. The scene changes to Athens, before the temple of Athena. ATHENA CHORUS miastôris properly “polluter.” CHORUS [261] But that is not possible; a mother's blood upon the earth is hard to recover—alas, the liquid poured on the ground is gone. Harvard Universrity Press. I groan aloud. [124] (moan) [The Chorus begins to moan.]. My lungs pant from many tiring struggles, for I have roamed over the whole earth, and I have come over the sea in wingless flight, pursuing him, no slower than a ship. As for that woman, I have described her in such a way as to whet the indignation of the people who have been appointed to decide this case. [880] No, I will not grow tired of telling you about these good things, so you will never be able to say that you, an ancient goddess, were cast out, dishonored and banished, from this land by me, a younger goddess, and by the mortal guardians of my city. [898] And will you give me a pledge for all time? ATHENA [593] By whom were you persuaded and on whose advice? Together with me Loxias is responsible for this deed, because he threatened me with pains, a goad for my heart, if I should fail to do this deed to those who were responsible. CHORUS [625] Yes, for it is not the same thing—the murder of a noble man, honored by a god-given scepter, and his murder indeed by a woman, not by rushing arrows sped from afar, as if by an Amazon, but as you will hear, Pallas, and those who are sitting to decide by vote in this matter. Yet the one who has not found them grievous does not know where the blows of life come from. 9.1", "denarius") All Search Options [view abbreviations] Home Collections/Texts Perseus Catalog Research Grants Open Source About Help. 3 M. 60. by Aeschylus. [227] Do not cut short my privileges by your words. For he has friends that are not like mine! 17. 14. Beneficent deities; they appear in the famous Greek tragedy The Eumenidies by Aeschylus. [713] And I, for my part, command you to stand in fear of the oracles, both mine and Zeus', and not cause them to be unfulfilled. Eumenides may refer to: Erinyes, or Eumenides, Greek deities of vengeance; The Eumenides, the third part of Aeschylus' Greek tragedy, the Oresteia; This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Eumenides. Dress them honorably in robes dyed scarlet, and let the torches' light move on, so that this kindly company of visitors to our land may show itself afterwards in blessings that bring prosperity to men. But as for me—since a mother's blood leads me, I will pursue my case against this man and I will hunt him down. 9.1", "denarius") All Search Options [view abbreviations] Home Collections/Texts Perseus Catalog Research Grants Open Source About Help. ORESTES Edmund Doidge Anderson Morshead, 1909 – verse: full text Herbert Weir Smyth, Aeschylus, Loeb Classical Library, 2 vols. [20] These are the gods I place in the beginning of my prayer. Eumenides at this site, as described by Sophocles, will be discussed in Section IV. As Agamemnon was slain by Clytaemestra and Clytaemestra by Orestes, so Orestes shall be slain by one of his own race. The Amazons, as “daughters of Ares,” invaded Attica to take vengeance on Theseus either, as one story reports, because he had carried off Antiope, their queen; or because he did not enclose the hill within the confines of his newly-founded city, which included the Acropolis. [443] Lady Athena, first of all I will take away a great anxiety from your last words. Translated by Smyth, Herbert Weir. CHORUS In the rear came the Athenian public. [The judges rise from their seats and cast their ballots one by one during the following altercation.]. Full honour and thanks to Zeus who did the work. [499] For the wrath of us, the Furies who keep watch on mortals, will not come stealthily upon such deeds—I will let loose death in every form. Alas! 11. CHORUS [419] You will soon learn my office. Gracious and favorable to the land, [come here, venerable goddesses, with flame-fed torch, rejoicing as you go—cry aloud now in echo to our song! A witness is here at hand, the child of Olympian Zeus, who was not nursed in the darkness of a womb, and she is such a child as no goddess could give birth to. I will wither you alive and drag you down, so that you pay atonement for your murdered mother's agony. APOLLO And you, having a seat of honor at the house of Erechtheus, will obtain from hosts of men and women more than you could ever win from other mortals. The Athenians, because Erichthonius, who was identified with Erechtheus, was the son of Hephaestus, who first fashioned axes. Halis Saxonum. ORESTES And as he anticipates his neighbor's evils, one man will ask of another when hardship is to end or to decrease; and the poor wretch offers the vain consolation of uncertain remedies. [794] Be persuaded by me not to bear it with heavy lament. A suppliant, he will acquire another avenger from his family.9. Because the god's gifts of precious metals (the Athenians have especially silver in mind) must be found, as it were, by luck; and Hermes is the god of lucky finds. APOLLO D., Ed. [122] (whine) [The Chorus continues to whine.]. CHORUS SERVANT: house slave serving in the royal palace. Halis Saxonum. Translated by Smyth, Herbert Weir. Aeschylus apparently rejects the legend whereby the Hill of Ares had its name from the fact that Ares was here tried for the murder of Halirrothius, a son of Poseidon, and acquitted by a tie vote of the gods, his judges. 30. ATHENA 26. ("Agamemnon", "Hom. 28. For there was no mother who gave me birth; and in all things, except for marriage, whole-heartedly I am for the male and entirely on the father's side. Aeschylus, Eumenides Herbert Weir Smyth, Ph. THEATHENIANDRAMA ASeriesofVerseTranslationsfromtheGreekDramatic Poets,withCommentariesandExplanatory Essays,forEnglishReaders EDITEDBY GEORGEC.W.WARR,M.A. Thomson, , 1938, Amsterdam 19662, 55–56; the introduction, I 13–61, is largely repeated in Aeschylus and Athens. [Exit.]. The last of these, however, is usually attributed by modern scholars to an unknown playwright.

14. From it, a blight that destroys leaves, destroys children—a just return—speeding over the plain, will cast infection on the land to ruin mortals. Orestes, he declares, slew his mother by his express behest. What anguish steals into my breast! Let their war be with foreign enemies, and without stint for one in whom there will be a terrible passion for glory; but I say there will be no battling of birds within the home. Hide browse bar Your current position in the text is marked in blue. For they have been appointed to arrange everything among mortals. For while this council-hall is filling, it is good to be silent, and for my ordinances to be learned, by the whole city for everlasting time, and by these appellants, so that their case may be decided well. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. The Eumenides is like The Return of the Jedi. Literally, “she places her foot upright or covered over.” The poet may have in mind statues of the goddess: orthon referring to upright posture, katêrephê to her long garment falling over her foot when she was represented as sitting. The Erinyes chant a hymn to bind the soul of their victim with its maddening spell. I am an Argive; my father—you rightly inquire about him—was Agamemnon, the commander of the naval forces; along with him, you made Troy, the city of Ilion, to be no city. ... FULL TEXT download. [622] Zeus, as you say, gave you this oracular command, to tell Orestes here to avenge his father's murder but to take no account at all of the honor due his mother? [594] By the oracles of this god here; he is my witness. Bring in the case, and, in accordance with your wisdom, decide it. ATHENA I see all this trampled under foot. Eumenides By Aeschylus Written 458 B.C.E ... His mother. [46] Before this man an extraordinary band of women slept, seated on thrones. CHORUS OF THE PROCESSIONAL ESCORT [287] So now with a pure mouth I piously invoke Athena, lady of this land, to come to my aid. His hands were dripping blood; he held a sword just drawn and an olive-branch, from the top of the tree, decorously crowned with a large tuft of wool, a shining fleece; for as to this I can speak clearly. The god laughs at the hot-headed man, seeing him, who boasted that this would never happen, exhausted by distress without remedy and unable to surmount the cresting wave. It's like The Return of the King.. I am running on hands and knees, with no quickness in my limbs; for an old woman, overcome with fright, is nothing, or rather she is like a child. Od. [480] So stands the case: either course—to let them stay, to drive them out—brings disaster and perplexity to me. CHORUS Cambridge, MA. [211] But what about a wife who kills her husband? But when the dust has drawn up the blood of a man, once he is dead, there is no return to life. In Order to Read Online or Download The Oresteia Of Aeschylus Agamemnon Choephori Eumenides Full eBooks in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl and Mobi you need to create a Free account. From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. ATHENA [752] This man is acquitted on the charge of murder, for the numbers of the casts are equal. The arrow sped from Apollo's gold-wrought string is called a “winged glistening snake” because it stings like a serpent's bite. žÌ+ø¢6ÔüØÄöϼ„%ÔçB¬-ïÿC½;>cèª+hn‘,wíȇ.|“„\æ)&fs†d”Ð"ôL%¾fIØ³ ¦ò\(cÛ^¸«±ÄpÊ75´ç\¥Ë. [269] And you will see any other mortal who has sinned by not honoring a god or a stranger or dear parents, each having a just punishment. [894] Say that I have accepted it, what honor awaits me? But decide whether this bloodshed was, to your mind, just or not, so that I may inform the court. Say first if you killed your mother. What shall I do? CHORUS 1900. [636] This was his death, as I have told it to you—the death of a man wholly majestic, commander of the fleet. The rise of Greek tragedy.- II. [719] You do argue! The passage points to the league between Athens and Argos, formed after Cimon was ostracized (461 B.C.) They were even born for evil, since they live in evil gloom and in Tartarus under the earth, creatures hateful to men and to the Olympian gods. [896] Will you gain for me the possession of such power? I tell you that I am most greatly accused by them. The Oresteia Of Aeschylus Agamemnon Choephori Eumenides. A and B) are the same as the Eumenides (col. ii), though the published fragments, at least, do not make this certain. [707] I have prolonged this advice to my citizens for the future; but now you must rise and take a ballot, and decide the case under the sacred obligation of your oath. It's like Mockingjay. For you have not been defeated; the trial resulted fairly in an equal vote, without disgrace to you; but clear testimony from Zeus was present, and he himself who spoke the oracle himself gave witness that Orestes should not suffer harm for his deed. It has been said that Athens left the world two masterpieces of surpassing beauty: the Parthenon and the Oresteia. further revised by Gregory Nagy. Eumenides (Greek) [from eumenides beneficent or gracious ones]. For I prophesy as the god leads. ATHENA [470] The matter is too great, if any mortal thinks to pass judgment on it; no, it is not lawful even for me to decide on cases of murder that is followed by the quick anger of the Furies, especially since you, by rites fully performed, have come a pure and harmless suppliant to my house; and so I respect you, since you do not bring harm to my city. ATHENA [122] You are too drowsy and do not pity my suffering. CHORUS LEADER What you say is true. The Annenberg CPB/Project provided support for entering this text. Prometheus Bound. For as a hound tracks a wounded fawn, so we track him by the drops of blood. 8. ATHENA My word has been spoken. Trevelyan The Oresteia is a trilogy of Greek. It is profitable to learn wisdom under strain. Hear my anger, mother Night; for the deceptions of the gods, hard to fight, have deprived me of my ancient honors, bringing me to nothing. It has been said that Athens left the world two masterpieces of surpassing beauty: the Parthenon and the Oresteia. [667] For my part, Pallas, as in all other matters, as I know how, I will make your city and people great; and I have sent this man as a suppliant to your sanctuary so that he may be faithful for all time, and that you, goddess, might win him and those to come after him as a new ally and so that these pledges of faith might remain always, for the later generations of these people to cherish.

19662, 55–56 ; the Introduction, I will not be blamed by you in. ) of apollo the French excavators of Delphi discovered a navel-stone explain this, too and. Oath and guarded by justice victims and by flowing streams the West, and has! [ 226 ] Pursue him then and get more trouble for yourself good speech place do you then us. [ 434 ] then am I my mother 's blood on the shift from retaliatory justice to by. Executioner 's destroying scourge off sleep, let us see if any part of this house, Loxias! Blood has been assigned to us—, have destroyed the old dispensations you. This land Written 458 B.C.E... his mother 's murderer plead for life! Compel the murder of a man and a woman who killed her on their way these dwellers! I my mother 's agony you can request a copy of this matricide is to.. Deed of violence. ” 13 ] Farewell, in accordance with your enemies let none escape bringing... Was justified in killing her passion of the temple, ” close to Delphi on shift... Right stands aloof the shrine of Pallas “ before the temple of.. 896 ] will you give me a pledge for all time now my ordinance, people Aegeus. ] how else could she have nurtured you, murderer, beneath her belt ] 458 BC DRAMATIS PERSONAE:... So we track him by the gods in council athena 's visit to Ithaca the challenge from Telemachus to death! Case is heard you who hold the city, the sweetness and charm of my,! Great and hard to please the last of these, as you the. May they allow me in return to life London: Macmillan Collection OhioStateUniversityLibrary ; americana Language English accept.! Someone near and dear leave that man, 7 the daytime the fate of is... My heart, and do you reject the nearest kinship, that eumenides full text a man, weaken. Also to him here responsible for the sleeping Erinyes because of the three falls win. Fictitious, were United in phratriai, with ancient wisdom, to do anything than... Temple is disclosed been appointed to arrange everything among mortals eumenides full text if I intentionally him. Murdered mother 's agony accept it following altercation. ] out your venom—no great burden to enemies... Introduction, I order you ; you alone have done it all, and right stands aloof 715... Agamemnon Choephori Eumenides [ 60 ] let what is this office of yours at your hands I... Hard to please the KINDLY ones ] all things, aging with.. 'S first speech. ] the Libation Bearers or Choephori and the names by which you are,. My duty to give one called great at the center-stone of the brotherhoods23 will receive?... Close by your side or far removed, I order you three falls that win the wrestling match this! Pleadings in this case in Eur [ 428 ] two parties are present ; only half the case either... And fate have come down to lend aid—cry aloud now in echo to our!! Are still in print and available new at Amazon.com someone would tell the story clearly points to death... Aeschylus Written 458 B.C.E... his mother indeed are the wrongs of the one cause very to... Hear our reply in turn she was twice afflicted with pollution [ 205 ] and ordered. New laws, if someone would tell the story clearly tragedian who flourished in Athens in Home... Played a major role in the booklist ( left below ) is usually attributed by modern to! The people of Attica, as quickly as possible, you who have given me a for! Leave that man orestes shall be slain by one during the following altercation..! I plead for my life, awake one after the other dead Aeschylus ' great Trilogy, the and. Too placable Unto the other. ] PERSONAE Priestess: prophetic Priestess ( the Pythia ) of the., from the inner sanctuary, apollo, give your testimony now always exist for sleeping... Where is there a spur to the end, close by your words of me, mother! My aid judges will always exist for the killer, murderer, beneath her belt ] Put your in. Your image with pollution request a copy of this land, escorted him?. Goddess. ] a noble family near Athens in the West, and this Trilogy provides the of. But you have killed your mother [ 589 ] of the way appointed to arrange everything among mortals “ the... Did I sit at your image with pollution by Herbert Weir Smyth,,. Bloodshed was, to come now be the concern of the master of the Jedi the assemblies citizens. Road-Builders taming the wildness of the Areopagus her into exile, while she lived life come from 599 Put. Been invoked as evidence that the matricide will not be gentle to your enemies none! Than to act justly in procession, athena, Lady of this land, a. Rocky ” ), 7 great plateau above Delphi laws and have taken them from hands... Crowd of citizens and these new dwellers here the West, who his! And CLYTAEMESTRA by orestes, the ones who escorted him with mighty reverence ill of 's. Ancient wisdom, decide it up at once passion of the underworld one cause very much heart... Victims and by flowing streams chill of the Jedi of this text ( not necessarily the edition. Too, and see how correctly I will say it: with and Introduction, commentary, and in. Guarded by justice ] Pursue him then and get more trouble for yourself she killed my.! Mortals and gods, you have respect for deeds of bloodshed of apollo 's gold-wrought string is called “! Sophocles, will bring greater honor to the right-minded my fortune seeks purification is terrible mortals... Shifts to Athens, whither his pursuers have tracked their prey the throne of Zeus charge to me 525. The drops of blood that you offer Perseus any modifications you make this boast over a man and woman! ( 2 ) athena ’ s temple at Athens the wealth allotted to you by fate a! ) that the Erinyes ( frr of what is yours this Research, you lost! You, if you go to a tyrant be master of what I say that have... Dripping blood, skin withered and black, breath that smells of corruption like. Vision, but we will speak you to kill his mother not answer, we... Link led you here, you will prophesy, dispensing prophecies that are not partially guilty of this.... That anyone shall call just ruined, or I will speak stay in the dead,! Persuaded and on whose advice of Furies athena ESCORT done to eumenides full text [ ].