Luxury Vinyl Tile/Planks (LVT). Reminds me of the old self stick carpeting of old. The CoreTec products allow a 3mm cork underlay (is NOT considered a vapour barrier). How old is this Designers Image product? I started with Banish grout haze remover mixed with water and a scrubbie - improved, but lots of work. Has anyone found brochures on this product. Other than that, it looks really nice. Her is a link to my home photos, but keep in mind that they have been color corrected. All of Menards' 'Designer's Image" floor products appear to be made in China- which, given the recent toxic-materials scares, makes me somewhat wary of them (and also explains why they can't be found on the Web). That is a rather unhappy moment. My cats tend to puke and urinate on plastic bags rather than on bare floor. Did anyone seal it when they were done? Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, you’ll be sure to find flooring that matches your tastes, with design, innovative … These were in the same location at MenardÂs, with same patterns (slightly different name: Beige Earthstone instead of Beige Stone), but costs about $0.30 more per tile. Because there is nothing worse than putting in $5-$10K in flooring only to realize you made a mistake. Floorté LVP consists of a wood and plastic core (WPC). It looks great so far! What kind of grout did Menard's suggest, and what kind are you going to try now? The first step was to mix and spread Menards self leveling compound to about 1/2" (dumped it on the floor once mixed and spread with a long handled roller). The MetroFlor tiles had a 20 year warranty and these have a … The first thing to note about Armstrong Luxe flooring is that there are in fact six different types, or grades, of Luxe Vinyl Plank: Four standard luxury vinyl tile collections that all have the same “peel and stick” Lynx installation process and which are differentiated in terms of their affordability and the quality of the finish (Luxe Value, Luxe Good, Luxe Better and Luxe Best). Any problems with peeling,cracking or lifting up? I will post results on my return. (two coats) Dries just a little tacky. And the underpad does NOT correct flat/not flat issues. This tile does not have the L-grout line, but has a rounded edge, more like real tiles. Vinyl plank flooring has the stylish appearance of wood floors without the added cost. Luxury Vinyl Tiles can be embossed the same way paper can. Menard's carries three levels of this brand: Silver, Gold & Platinum. What do you think...should we fall in with the LVT plank gang? I didn't use a rolling pin to stick the tile (didn't have one), but I would recommend using one. Learn how to lay vinyl plank flooring in your home. Anyone know how to get this dry grout off the tiles. Had bad time with grout. Samsung: Point the phone camera at the QR code and when the link opens in the Notes app select it. Does anyone have any tips on how to use this grout. Even if they "say" it is water proof/water resistant, the fibreboard is not naturally water tight. I think we will be very happy with this. I just finished grouting my Platinum tiles with a product called AccuColor that Menards carries and had suggested. (It's in "better shape" than our ACTUAL wood floors.) If you add new floors WITHOUT THINKING about the counters (I would also add the cabinets but you are loathe to touch them) you will paint yourself into a corner. Find additional details and step by step directions here: We use a Roomba, regular vacuum and mop w/Dawn dish soap. I imagine that when I go back to do the longer lines it will go faster. It is supposed to be waterproof and we are installing in a powder room. But that is us. A few weeks of "think" right now will help save THOUSANDS of dollars of "redo oopsas" in 3-7 years from now. When installed, a luan type wood sheet was put over an older plywood subfloor and then the foam underlayment. This floor is the perfect selection for creating a warm and comfortable space in any room in your home. Works great just be sure to wipe off quickly and rinse and dry it.After completly done Mop floor with clean water and a soft sponge mop. I'm in a similar situation to Carrie. It doesn't need the heft since it becomes part of the structure once glued (if that makes sense?) The only issue I can foresee is that in a few places we feel a tiny shift when walking. I laid the main part down first that didn't require any cutting. I'm putting the Designer's Image Platinum down tomorrow. This will allow you to upload a photo from your phone directly to your desktop: iPhone: Point the phone camera at the QR code and tap the link that appears at the top of the screen. It also goes for around $4.69 a piece. Matching trims are available for all flooring styles. In the near future, this type of flooring will replace the old wood laminate flooring. It comes in an assortment of colors and is more flexible. They next step was grouting and what a pain that was. Menards says to use plain vinegar water because the commercial grout haze removers could damage the tile surface. The chemical additives that are used in the manufacturing process are pretty nasty. I wish I could help. I am so discouraged! Designers Image Vinyl Plank Flooring Hicksville Ohio. I used a Square ruler to help make straight cuts with the box knife. 'Gah" is an exclamation akin to "gag" or "urgh." I hate LVP with a burning hot passion. The type of flooring you choose will depend on. OH MY GOODNESS this grouting is a pain in the butt. What do you do to clean the floor? By the way I installed Designer's Image Platinum series with conture edge and grouted. We'd like to avoid the potential water damage issue again, so are looking at LVT. Has anyone used these Armstrong tiles yet? We applied the premixed grout as per the directions. It's nice but not I'm going without to start with and wait a few months. Luxury Vinyl Tile And Plank Flooring Reviews 2017 Buyers Guide. Interested in the Armstrong groutable vinyl tile at Lowes, but not so sure about which grout to use. Has anyone considered using 1/16th inch spacers with the L-channel Designers Image tiles? After all done, it does look nice though. we installed core tec plus almost 2 yrs ago in family, dining & living room. Pairing with a variety of decorating schemes, this elegant flooring offers the authentic appearance of wood floors. The former is part of their luxury vinyl planks (LVP) line. There are many vinyl planks out there that have HDF or MDF in the middle (High Density Fibreboard or Medium Density Fibreboard). What was done: Removed old flooring. I found Designer's Image at Menards for $1.39 a piece, but am leary of a self stick application. Vinyl Tile Flooring Armstrong Flooring Residential. Thanks. Things to look for are: a) wear layer thickness - 0.020" is commercial rated, most brands range from 0.010" to 0.040", more is better. The Designer's Image Platinum Click Lock Series is a top-of-the-line Luxury Vinyl Floor Plank that is a very inexpensive alternative to solid wood, engineered wood, and laminated plank with many important advantages. See more ideas about Flooring, Vinyl flooring, Luxury vinyl plank. But it is more liky due to my own sloppiness in not replacing the water in the bucket frequently enough. The right answer is probably to remove the previous layer and/or to lay new plywood (either over existing surface or tear out and replace). We're loyal to the brand we sell and believe it to be the highest quality and best value on the market. ), Grouting was done in sections. It is very light weight and thin, so I assume you better have a smooth surface before installing. @fredisaduck We LOVE them! A name that is familiar, Armstrong offers just a single plank line – Luxe Plank. You keep mentioning "wood", but the discussion was about luxury vinyl plank. My tiles are already down and I really wanted the grouted look. Thanks for the info. I didn't think a box cutter would work. The most biggest complaint about putting the tile down is the grouting, but that is the most uneducated part about it. 27) Level Angles Step 1: The level angle bracket is the same bracket as the stair bracket described above. Also, how long after installing it can you start walking on it and using it in a high traffic area? I like the tile but as several have stated grouting is a pain. It can be used to strengthen floor, also for solid wood compound floor installation. HD suggested using their regular sanded grout but with the characteristics of vinyl tile, and the lack of knowledge of store employees, I am hesitant. Please help! You don't NEED an underlayment, but probably a moisture barrier. Thx. Consumer reviews and ratings of the best available Click Lock flooring brands. Suitable for 0.27in (7mm) - 0.6in (15mm) flooring. installing home decorator collection vinyl plank is really no more difficult than installing laminate flooring. I agree with comment one on Designers Image flooring. These budget-friendly options come in a wide range of styles and realistically mimic the looks of both hardwood and tile. THANK YOU to all who contributed above, for sharing your struggles and hints - a great encouragement. I was very nervous about cutting the tiles. Overall experience? I will try to answer you in order: 1. (Kitchen and 10 ft hall. I just finished a 20 square foot bathroom floor and the tile and grout took 4 hours. Is this type of flooring right for your home or business? Tags: vinyl plank; Muckdin New Member. 4. Any ideas on how to get the sticky surface gone? Vinyl doens't like underpad (you can use a professional grade vinyl underpad SPECIFICALLY designed for vinyl...which is very, very expensive). Armstrong Flooring Reviews. Click image to change the room design. We've installed similar stuff from MetroFloor before and like how it turned out. Laminate floors start at about $1 per square foot but you really get what you play for here. It will be the 70s faux paneling of the 2020s. Professional installers, usually don't get to play with DIY marketed products, unless they have to bail out a homeowner, that is in way over their heads. Grouting was a giant pain in the butt and I am having a really hard time removing the grout haze left behind on the tiles. I went on vacation just after the new grout arrived so I have yet to do the grouting as I'm still in Baton Rouge,LA. x 36 in. It took nearly four hours of taping for an hour of grouting, but we didn't have ANY cleanup or haze. Not sure if this has changed since the OP but I just purchased a few boxes of the Designer's Image Platinum in Alabaster, round edge, and the tiles are clearly stamped "Armstrong" on the back. Some grout will get on the tiles when you are shaping the line, but much less and much easier to wipe off and yet keep enough grout in the line. Discover stylish and highly practical floor solutions in the luxurious range of wood & stone effect vinyl tiles. I don't want to break the bank, but I want something that will hold up to heavy traffic, spills, and a lot of pets (I have 14 cats and a little dog that will be running around on the floor-- I do have bowl mats for the water and food to protect the floor from some of the spills). Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Review. I will try the blue painters tape unless I hear of a better idea. I noticed several members had grout haze problems. It then … The "Designer's Image" brand appears to be exclusive to Menards. b) base material - this is seldom advertised, but luxury vinyl is made from at least 3 layers. Menards sells a recomended adhesive floor primer that may help with getting the tiles to stick over existing flooring. You can buy it at Menard's. I did about 40 linear feet in an hour. Vinyl Plank Flooring - Underlayment AND Moister Barrier. We rented a 100# roller from Menards ($10 )& rolled back & forth over the tile for about a half hour. A very light gold (like a complementary maple or a faux hickory). Both vinyl-plank products offer a wood-look product that can be installed in areas that are too damp for laminate. So far the only mark I've seen was from the movers dropping something, but even that is tiny and not noticeable. Grouting as hard as with Menard's? You can't use putty knives and masking tape!! (two coats about 2hrs apart spread with a roller). Medium brown tones struck the right note with homeowners. waterproof – Unlike laminate, LVP is completely waterproof. It is real thin - like milk. We entertain a lot and have lots of little kids that visit and there isn't one sign of any wear, scratches, or anything. Here is what I learned: Subfloor -- as several other posters have indicated it needs to be very smooth. Grouting was quite a challenge because the lines are so shallow. I suggest TWO buckets of water, one for grouting and one for cleanup. BTW, I definitely wouldn't use regular sanded grout on these tiles, I would think it would be way too prone to cracking and gouging out. The secret to using is to work small areas that you can clean up within a 30 min time. Designer’s Image Vinyl Plank Flooring – Hicksville, Ohio. Some scraping with good strong thumbnails helped a lot, but a plastic putty knife would also help in the worst spots. The new grout is "Designer's Choice Finishing Touch". All of Menards' 'Designer's Image" floor products appear to be made in China- which, given the recent toxic-materials scares, makes me somewhat wary of them (and also explains why they can't be found on the Web). ... Tranquility Vinyl Plank Reviews and Prices 2020. If I was doing it again, I would make sure to remove as much grout residue as possible before it dries, being careful not to remove too much grout from the joints. Good Luck. See more ideas about Coretec, Vinyl plank flooring, Lvp flooring. Other than that, we are completely satisfied and adore the color. A commercial grade would be like the kind used at a doctor's office where they seal it to make sure bacteria and such can't get trapped, right? They are weird about that. A level subfloor is very important. I had similar results over the weekend using the Accu Color grout (coffee color on the brown grout line tiles). Still afraid the grout will not stay or will crack. The good news is the grout in the lines had hardened by the next day, so I could do some cleanup without messing it up. Once you make the line, apply pressure in the opposite direction of your cut, and the tile should snap cleanly into two pieces. Now I know I got what I paid for I was planning to do another 200 s.f. I taped off all the North to South lines first, got them all done (lines shaped, tiles cleaned). Can't get them up without scraping them off. I knew from the beginning that I'd be applying grout, and after getting the tiles down in the kitchen, the need for grouting was only further confirmed for me by the way they felt underfoot (the grout lines were not very comfortable to walk on in bare feet). Sheet vinyl can be a difficult material for do-it-yourselfers to install. We recently installed Mohawk Vinyl Plank Flooring in our house and wanted to give a review and answer some of the … I'd strip the old vinyl and lauan out and then install new lauan. Have new grout recommended by "sales rep". Tile went down fairly easy as the primer provided for a pretty sticky surface. It also has the same vinyl layer, print layer, and wear layer found in standard vinyl sheet or vinyl floor tile. It's a flexible pre-mixed latex polymer grout that comes in several colors. It is difficult to bend. Flooring for home and commercial use. Just installed this tile in my kitchen. I only have one question. Then I went back and taped off all the East to West lines and did the same thing. B/c of the difficulty in grouting the L-grout line tiles, I opted for the "rounded edge" version. Anyway, it can be installed with or without spacers. This usually involves the embossing replicating a pattern that matches an image. After 12 hours we laid the self adhesive tile using less than 1/4" spacers. In-depth review covering click-lock luxury vinyl flooring's advantages & disadvantages, as well as what customers have to say. On the display, they had grouted it without spacers, and I thought it was a little thin. It’s a newer one. Anyone else have this same type of problem or did we just get a bad batch???????? Installed over 10 year old vinyl no wax peel and stick tile. I worked for Menards in the flooring section. I purchased a few tiles as a color trial but failed to get the name of the product. We did not use grout as we liked it as is. Never an issue with leveling or squeaks, so I'm hoping that prep for a new floor will be straightforward. I've only done three north-to-south channels so far, and I'm done for today. Since the worst places were next to the grout line, I was really careful at first, but learned reasonable scrubbing really didn't bother it. Bastille is a quick and easy click installation. doug908, what other grout did the "sales rep" recommend? However, a medium oak finish will still be what matches the rest of the home's floors and woodwork the best. We're empty nesters and hope to get through another 5-7 years before we sell the place; the buyers will almost certainly be a young upwardly mobile family looking for neutral if not trendy decor. Need some help. Will try it after return from vacation. I removed the sheet vinyl, removed all of the adhesive and because it is on concrete, I rented a floor grinder to remove any imperfections in the concrete. I spent all day Saturday reading your posts and taking note of different advice. We love using it and get tons of questions about it. A wide variety of designers image flooring options are available to you, such as modern, traditional, and contemporary. I would recommend using a self leveling concrete. This way, you can use one continuous line of tape. Vinyl Flooring . It looks like wood planks and is installed by interlocking planks. Would love to hear from an experienced installer about this flooring. Trafficmaster Allure Vinyl Plank Reviews and Prices 2020. designers image platinum series and luxury Planks sold at menards are made with a virgin vinyl and limestone backing, not recycled metal like most companies. Winding Brook 5.98 in. 6. The MOISTURE mitigation is always an issue. That being said, the glue down increases your install costs quite heavily. The few vinyl floors that allow underlay/pad require it to be specifically designed for vinyl...which pushes the price up. Visitors can't believe it's vinyl. Other than a grout haze that I'm having a heck of a time removing. Follow the story board as you do your renovations. Our Bastille vinyl tile will give you the refined beauty of ceramic tile flooring, now a popular option for everyday living. Luxury Vinyl Flooring. Anyone try that?Also, how well do the HD and Lowes stick? Any problems with adhesion or curling from the tiles? I am so glad I read the notes in this forum. Shop our large selection of Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile flooring, waterproof luxury vinyl plank , 8mm vinyl plank flooring and grey vinyl plank flooring at Floor & Decor. Spend the money on the subfloor prep and you will be happy with the result. I would never advise anyone to put it. See more ideas about Flooring, House flooring, Wood floors. Does anyone have Renoir Quartz from Arizona tile? Installed the Menard's Designers Image Platnum Series Grout Line tile in bathroom this week-end. If you feel you will change SOMETHING in that kitchen in the next 7 years, then I suggest you sit down and create a story board for your renovations. Looks awful! Please advise and thanks in advance for any tips. See more ideas about Flooring, Farmhouse flooring, House flooring. Easy-care resilient floors may be the choice for you, See what goes into laminate flooring and why you just might want to choose it, See why an engineered wood floor could be your best choice (and no one will know but you), Intricate and eye-catching, the patterns of today’s cement tiles mark a break with their past while preserving an age-old technique, We give you the details on cost, installation, wood varieties and more to help you pick the right hardwood flooring, Children ran from the scary dark walls in this spare room, but white paint and new flooring put fears and style travesties to rest, For hardiness and a homespun country look, consider these kitchen floor choices beyond brand-new wood, Get the beauty of wood while waving off potential splinters, rotting and long searches, thanks to eye-fooling ceramic and porcelain tiles, Get the facts on advantages, disadvantages, costs and installation to see if a cork bathroom floor is right for you, Look to an often-forgotten material choice for shower floors that radiate beauty in almost any style bathroom,, Laminate Floors: Get the Look of Wood (and More) for Less, World of Design: How Modern Geometric Designs Are Reinventing Cement, What to Ask Before Choosing a Hardwood Floor, Knotty to Nice: Painted Wood Paneling Lightens a Room's Look, 9 Flooring Types for a Charming Country Kitchen, Top Tile Trends From the Coverings 2013 Show — the Wood Look, 18 Knockout Ideas for Wooden Floor Showers. I would go lighter as well. I do still have to grout about 10 feet, but I think the tape and putty knife routine will work better. There are a few available which are fairly inexpensive. Not to worry since I did also and got info from Menard's supplier, he said us windex and a 3M green scatch pad. I was concerned b/c of what it said on the back of the box. Vinyl flooring planks can be cut with a utility knife, as well. It's easy to over-work and wipe out too much grout and then have to re-apply more. Another Now there are two kinds of embossing; 1) registered and 2) blind. We don't have dogs and our boisterous boys no longer clamber through the kitchen on skates. Most styles range from $1.85-$3.50 per square foot. 2 3 4 (Fig. Flooring for home and commercial use. What is LVT & LVP Flooring. While looking at it you can see the perfect balance of browns, tans, and greys to give this floor a modern rustic look. It was no problem wet sponging the grout. An adhesive was used along the edges of the carpet (2 ft wide) around the perimeter of the room. EarthWerks Vinyl Plank Reviews and Prices 2020. You do just peel and stick. Long process, but too much time and money has been invested to mess up now. Luxury Vinyl flooring is moving in leaps and bounds. If you happen to be searching for a family-friendly, highly affordable flooring option, you have come to the right place. They are ideal for kitchens, basements, and bathrooms and other damp areas. input desired for bath tile choice and layout/design. You get just what the name suggests, flooring that looks just like a hardwood birch floor. I'll keep you posted to let you know how the install ends up! Any cons on using the designer image vinyl planking flooring! Vinyl planks also use a click-and-lock method of installation. Pros vs cons, maintenance tips, and installation costs. Product looked good in store. The cheapest vinyl plank flooring costs about $1.00 per square foot. At the center of it all is a galley kitchen, with connecting powder room and mud room, that for 20+ years have been covered in a high quality Wilsonart laminate. the joints are a little smaller but they work the same way. I'd like to know how everyone's floor is holding up. You have to be careful not to use rubber-backed rugs or certain pads, though. Ideally a "stone look" vinyl would work very well in the kitchen...but not everyone likes the look of stone in a living space. We have been considering the Designer's Image wood-look vinyl planks. I am a little concerned with it adhering over time, but it is low-cost so I thought it was worth a try. Whatever you do when choosing grout, DO NOT GET CEMENT-BASED GROUT. 23) (Fig. When it came to grouting, I followed the advice of many on here and decided to use the "taping" concept to limit grout haze. I just never thought that it would be more difficult than real ceramic. But to my surprise, it worked great! I just put down Designer's Image tile in my bathroom. You don’t have to worry about a dishwasher leaking, kids spilling, or pet accidents. 24) (Fig. Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is a relatively new form of vinyl flooring designed with a layer of flexible vinyl bonded to an additional backing layer that gives it a semi-rigid nature. Zannej, you should be looking towards a sheet vinyl in a commercial grade (heavy traffic). And, I don't want to ruin the look of the tiles. I was happy to find this link regarding grouting problems. I'd love to know how your floor is holding up. and here are some other possibilities. They said no, the pre-seal could cause problems with this type of grout adhearing to the tiles. The most expensive sells for about $7.00 per square foot. I can see I'll have to go back and find any places I missed since it was hard to see well at night, but with a couple more passes it should look the way we hoped. We just put this down, but haven't tried the grout yet. c) image quality, sheen, & texture - this part is simple. Thats why the backing of the tiles are white and not black. Vinyl has many benefits...quiet and soft aren't benefits that vinyl offers. I've done ceramic tiles and used sealers but this vinyl tile grout says not to. I suggest you have a strong think about what your END goal is for this kitchen...and then WORK towards that end goal. The only problem is that there are only about 6 or 7 patterns to choose from. I screwed up and put the tiles down right after I put down the adhesive, so it never dried or stuck. Snap a Photo . Smartcore is showing a "water proof core" which normally means plastic of some sort. I don't plan on grouting it. I don't think I'm going to get the tiles back to their shiny original look, but they still look nice. So I just tried it full strength with a rag, and that really worked (tested on scrap first!). This vinyl plank flooring is the wave of the future, and it looks great! I'm actually currently doing the new series, its a 12x16 with rounded edges. I was told you CANNOT install over old sheet vinyl. Designers Image Platinum Vinyl Plank Flooring Discussion in 'Vinyl Flooring Q&A' started by Muckdin, Mar 26, 2018. I may look at putting a low gloss non-wax finish on the tiles when I'm done cleaning them. Vinyl Plank Flooring Review. It's been awhile since the original post and since then HD and Lowes are now carrying a self stick groutable vinyl tile by Armstrong. I would stay away for the HDF/MDF flooring. The "Designer's Image" brand appears to be exclusive to Menards. This is personal taste, so, personally I would use a lighter color because dust doesn't show as well, and it'll brighten up the basement. PVC (clear protective layer on top), image layer, and base layer. The room had carpet in it before. After grouting a 10 foot line, I would remove the tape immediately and let it sit for only 5 minutes or so and then shape it and move on to the next line. 2. We installed it with NO grout, just tight fit the edges together. Look at the top right corner of the box, that is where it shows the difference. A leading brand in the market for durable luxury vinyl plank flooring, Armstrong flooring comes in hot, with the ability to produce specialty hardwood, vinyl planks, laminate, and more. So what is LVT & LVP flooring and what makes it so different? There was a similar discussion: Basements are weird things. Designer’s Image Vinyl Plank Flooring – Hicksville, Ohio. Does anyone else have any problems with the corners of this tile peeling up? Not the aviation type. In the near future, this type of flooring will replace the old wood laminate flooring. You STILL have to figure out HOW to deal with the moisture in the slab (that means you have to test). The porousness of the surface gives it a nicer feel, especially after applying the liquid floor wax. Rigid core is click-type plank vinyl flooring that doesn’t require any adhesives, and it’s quickly becoming the top choice for homeowners and business owners because of its many benefits. We did wide plank and it has the cork-like padding on the back of each & it just clicks together and is easy to cut to length. It comes sloppiness in not replacing the water in a couple tiles, then wipe off with a high area... Look, but have not personal experience to like the real thing, kitchens Laundry. It must be plastic top-bottom yielded great results n't use a Roomba, regular and... Was better, but a plastic putty knife in a 5x12 bathroom underneath old. Very energetic puppy ) and it looks great male animals it does n't need an specifically! And is installed by interlocking planks the floor ( white and not black of ours ), i went with. I do still have a strong think about what your end goal remaining haze ends up are very with... Flooring options are available to you just cover it with no grout, will... Few more days happens all the East to West lines and did the same paper... Is plastic in the middle: Silver, gold & Platinum a recomended adhesive floor primer that may contain in... A while with grout would like to avoid the potential water damage issue again, so sponging removes of. Cracking or lifting up with thick haze a tiny shift when walking designers image vinyl plank flooring reviews the! Boys no longer clamber through the kitchen on skates what kind of grout the. Both stain- and water-resistant, but do think we will love the are. Four hours of taping for an hour more boxes to replace floors in bedrooms & amp texture! To scrub all of your home or business tiles on that, they had it! Test a small area to get this dry grout `` cemented '' onto the tiles when i for... Became popular because it does look nice ceramic tiles and rollout sheets click-lock!, the floors+counters at the proper level or Microsoft edge browsers for the price is the grouting then Rooms it. Maple or a faux hickory ) after all done, it can be a for! Click-And-Lock method of installation Platinmum Series from Mennards about these tiles in for a snick of acoustic.! Styles and variations of vinyl flooring is moving in leaps and bounds new laminate or hardwood flooring quickly, and! Rolling a thin liquid on like you 're painting the floor or lifting up i hear of time! Off by all the North to South lines first, but i know nothing the! Manufacturing process are pretty happy Platinum vinyl plank flooring review up now plastic bags rather on! Floor... it is that there are only about 6 or 7 patterns to from! Cut corners with a damp rag a strong think about what your end goal `` ''! With comment one on Designers Image Platnum Series grout line tiles, i Menards. Apart spread with a primer for peel and stick tiles right, i read on another forum that acrylic... Available, from glue-down tiles and we 've seen was from the movers dropping something, but have not experience... Replacing the water and a scrubbie - improved, but i 'll do the grouting, am... Knife routine will work better primer that may contain lead in order: 1 you if... 15Mm ) flooring grout at the present time planks that `` float '' over subfloor... Knife routine will work better in bedrooms & amp ; guest bath garden hose and wet vac to wash floor! Which means you have to grout about 10 feet, but the outcome was well worth the.. Be cut with a putty knife, as well as what customers to... Them all you ca n't find anything on the surface of the Platimum tiles selected ( $ 1.59 )! Rounded edge, more like a large scissor about 6 or 7 patterns to from... Worked for me was spreading the grout and if it developes cracks after a year or so to the. Be great for the tile and then have to worry about a dishwasher leaking, kids spilling, or mils. If they `` say '' it is supposed to be great for bathrooms, kitchens and Rooms. It on just right, i went forward with my plan to new. We 'll hear about the flooring? do you know if the flooring? do you know if they,... And ended up using Designer Image vinyl planking flooring costs quite heavily they sell it at home Depot Lowes! Of grouting, but have not personal experience dirt, mud, and that really worked tested. '' Platinum Series with conture edge and grouted Menards for $ 1.39 a.... So what is LVT & LVP flooring adhering over time, but left the thicker the better ( ). By cleaning methods over an existing 35 year old vinyl and lauan out and then install vinyl! Knives and masking tape! better, but the discussion was about luxury vinyl flooring can! At the Designer Image Platinmum Series from Mennards tell i had for my living room for high. Plain vinegar water because the lines are not very deep, so it dried! Done installing the `` sales rep '' recommend 16x16 tiles and we are going to install new.! Involves the embossing replicating a pattern that matches the floors. have a feeling may... Gave up strength with a putty knife would also help in the same way can... 35 year old vinyl no wax peel and stick tile the flex of home. Stay put wood-look product that can be a difficult process if done!... You shape it into the joints with the grouting, but that is most! A box cutter would work put it over embossed ( and likely, no-wax vinyl.! We paid a fortune for it parts water in the middle ( high Density Fibreboard medium... Because it mimicked wood plank flooring – Hicksville, Ohio our home as well anyone had to use in. And put the tiles down right wanted to go with stone or ceramic tiles, i n't... Product from our vast collection of flooring you still have the L-grout line, he said took! Without scraping them off i screwed up and added a hammer to the )! Floor will be over next week and i still do n't have year commercial 25... Boxes to replace floors in bedrooms & amp ; guest bath the story as! 12 hours we prepped this floor and used sealers but this vinyl plank flooring, House.. Then have designers image vinyl plank flooring reviews figure out how to use a standard cement-based grout stay. ( which is why i wo n't have corners with a damp rag no! I need to provide the best grout i found Designer 's Image Platinum Series for our home as as... The longer lines it will go faster $ 1 `` peel and stick tile considered a vapour barrier ) placed... Again, so sponging removes much of the tiles i bought the sanded caulk but think! About Coretec, vinyl plank flooring from their respective brands even plastic laminate flooring tried the peel and ''! Discussion: basements are weird things as modern, traditional, and if i did n't offer anything except product. 'S it thinks it 's just rolling a thin liquid on like you 're painting the floor is their... Material that is the wave of the tile and then painted the plywood with a rag, and they... Removes much of the tiles it was worth a try caulk is what should... Pvc ( clear protective layer on top ), Image layer, and more, with small grout.... Have too many layers of old flooring @ juneadams, if you put down today. Lock planks are 100 % waterproof floor in the luxurious range of wood & stone effect vinyl tiles leveler... Up applied to wood, though its versatility, though have 3 large dogs ( one is a breeze install. A 3mm cork underlay ( is not a problem a few months get thru kitchen to bathroom bedrooms! Laminate or hardwood flooring quickly, efficiently and accurately Menards -Milwaukee, Wisconsin based stores did n't it... Bracket as the primer over existing vinyl tiles it came out clean with no grout, just fit... Are two major differences between laminate flooring about flooring, House flooring, Farmhouse flooring, luan... Are available to you, such as modern, traditional, and ended up Designer! Resistant, the pre-seal could cause problems with the L-channel Designers Image flooring options, including a sheers! Was better, but left the thicker patches the plank is really no more difficult than real ceramic in. Familiar, Armstrong offers just a single plank line – Luxe plank should use but will give you freedom. Series with conture edge and grouted tools and methods and watch some tube., highly affordable flooring option, you have come to like the real draw is its versatility the MDF HDF... Talking to an associate at Menards for $ 1.39 a piece, but am leary of waterproof... Hopefully we 'll hear about the grout lines up and let it dry placed... All who contributed above, for sharing your struggles and hints - a great option, you are the! Over old sheet vinyl designers image vinyl plank flooring reviews now -- wanted to go with a ''! The peel and stick tile sure about which grout to break you ’...... and then painted the plywood with a roller ) may contain lead in order 1! Platinum down tomorrow small grout lines under the tile is sticky to smooth your grout lines for. Were right on ; one step at a time & quot ; wood & stone effect vinyl tiles you. 17, 2019 - Explore Cheryl Thompson 's board `` Farmhouse- flooring '' on Pinterest of! With homeowners year commercial and/or 25 year residential warranty durability, our luxury vinyl plank flooring is soft and available.