The RHA CL1 has no problem keeping up and casts a wide stage. Enjoy music through headphones on a low budget, Rottentomatoes Certified Critic. They are on the same level of full sized high end planars.EQ is not only recommended but mandatory IMO to get the best performance. As the specs might suggest, those little iems requires a lot of current. The copper and silver cables sound almost identical, and they are made almost the same as the CL1 cables, but with 2.5mm instead of 4-pin mini-XLR on the silver balanced cable and less phone-case friendly jack bodies (too big). Unless you are into a lush sound lacking in treble extension and overall technical performance (for the price), I can’t recommend the CL2 at its price. Yes – Sound Chaser (24-96) is fast. The overall sound is clearer and brighter on the CL750 with a wider stage. Value by themselves 3. I think the piezo-electric ceramic plate driver on the CL1 is actually faster, having a dedicated driver probably doesn’t hurt with the treble resolution here. - Duration: 7:30. x Army Firedawg x 472 views. Comparison winner. Helicopter sounds on the CL750 are clearer than the CL2 Planar, with the latter sounding a bit muffled. The RHA CL2 Planars are able to be used both wired (3.5m and 2.5m wires included) and via a Bluetooth headband. Riprova. Piano sounds natural. The IEMs are really well made, their injection moulded ceramic housing gives them a really nice and premium look and their shape ensures a comfortable fit for pretty anyone. The inclusion of USB C is a real positive and these charge pretty fast. The RHA CL2 packaging comes packed with accessories, all of the highest quality. The cymbal taps sound right. Of course the elephant in the room as that to make it sound as good as I’m getting on the Questyle QP2R I have to have the volume set at 90 in High Gain/High Bias mode. ( Log Out /  Combine it and the T2 and you basically have the T4. Tin Hifi P1: a rough diamond. It has proprietary MMCX connectors (they are more secure and stronger, though). Some axioms: The presentation of the track is on the soft side with the CL2. RHA CL2 Planar. Read on for Really nothing to complain about. The CL2 falls short in many ways, unfortunately with the sound being the leading way. For a bit RHA was selling the MMCX bluetooth cable independently. Rebecca Pidgeon – Spanish Harlem (24-96) starts with a nice tight bassline on the CL750. The BL-03 are more bass-focused than the T4, with more bass especially in the sub-bass area; it’s much more prominent, to … Useless to say, an extreme amount of detail. The cymbals don’t sound tinny on this track, so it might come down to quality of the recording. The CL750 also has good expression in the treble. The CL2 doesn’t fit my ideal profile, but it might fit others. The CL1 has a wider soundstage and more air around instruments but also has a thinner texture. Ci dispiace, il tuo blog non consente di condividere articoli tramite e-mail. The RHA CL2 was provided to me on loan from RHA. The train announcement in the track comes through clearly when the scene is uncrowded. Bluetooth comparisons were done using the Audio Opus Opus #3. Isaac Hayes’s voice has a lovely mahogany richness to it, as does the bass accompanying his vocals on the CL2. I don’t understand why they’ve given me this thing and a floppy neoprene case and no durable storage case. It’s a nice balance. When switching the Audio Opus Opus #3 the treble still isn’t quite right, it’s a touch soft, but it’s better than on the QP2R. They do not bleed in mids and the amount of texture and detail is extremely high. Despite that, […] For this comparison, I’ll be using the stock balanced cable for both IEMs, as I wasn’t that impressed by what I was getting out of the CL2 in single-ended mode and plenty of power from the Questyle QP2R. There is a bit of veil over the mids. The aesthetics are beautiful, but so were those on the CL1, which was less than half the price, and used all the same materials except the driver, basically. RHA CL1 vs. RHA CL2 Planar. For more than a year now, a crazy hype has been created around these headphones in the various headphone forums. The RHA CL2 plays better with brighter sources. ... Tin Hifi P1 Planar IEM: Review. Of course, being a planar driver, you can pretty EQ the response how much you want but without EQ the female voices sounds too loud and intimate, drums sound uneven and not natural (snare and cymbals in particular) and in general everything start to sound wrong.With EQ the guitar strings are so defined that you fill the instrument in front of you and everything sounds very natural. Compared to the CL1 the CL2 sounds a touch hazy. Buy used: $84.99. A headphone with a 5 rating on audio at $5 does not have equivalent sound quality as a 5 rating at $500. The first thing I discovered was the various variety of cables. The percussion is well-placed and cymbal strikes have appropriate decay without sounding thin or splashy. I had minimal difficulty pairing across devices, except for the aforementioned issue, but this is something for people to watch out for when using Bluetooth on the CL2. RHA spent 4 years developing this tech. Frequency Range: 16-45,000 Hz Nominal Impedance: 16 ohms Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 89 dB As we can see from these specs, the CL2 packs some extra emphasis in the lows and highs. Lastly, sound pressure seems a little on the softer side – however, during my listening session I had no issue achieving proper volume. Bluetooth performance is excellent. MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 vs RHA T20. It depends on the placement of instruments at different points in the track, but I think this could be better implemented. Talking Heads – Psycho Killer (Live: Stop Making Sense) (Vinyl Rip) is a fantastically spacious, refined and clear track. Like most sensible people I started falling in love with music as a child. As the CL2 was a tour unit, the unboxing experience isn’t quite as pristine as a new unit. Moron audiophile who bought an RHA CL2 picks a fight with reviewers for calling his $900 ear-rape earbuds dog shit in an unrelated forum thread; cope ensues. This thing should have at least a semi-hard EVA case, or even better a good leather case at it’s price. I want more technical performance out of an $899 IEM. I would have liked to see more codec compatibility, as I think that AptX is now outdated technology. Folks before in the tour did a good job of packaging it up, but I can’t say that it was perfect. I just bump up a little bit sub-basses and extreme highs but that’s for my personal preference. There are some difficulties when pairing both the CL2 and the MA750 wireless. 00. The announcement is as clear but the greater distance from the listener makes it harder to pick out what she is saying. The QP2R gives plenty of power and dimension to the CL2. But not by much since closed IEMs have limits in this parameter. This track has substantial recording noise (some soft hiss) and some clicks and cracks that are probably from people shifting on the set furniture. Pros: Generally crowd-pleasing sound signature: not bright like RHA’s other products, more warmth; forgiving sound signature; ceramic shell is pretty, nearly indestructible, and ergonomic; 3 good cables included alongside tons of tips; build quality; 3 year warranty; active customer service, Cons: soft veil over the mids, some mid-bass emphasis and minor bleed, needs more treble quantity, 3.5mm termination incompatible with most phone cases (CL1 and CL750 did better), treble resolution and speed are weak points, small soundstage for price, case and transport accessories are poor quality, some difficulties switching between Bluetooth pairings, Product Website: The tuning on the RHA CL2 is not my preferred tuning, as I tend towards neutral bright and prioritise resolution and instrument precision over warmth and inviting tone. 45000Hz vs 21000Hz These are apparently handcrafted in Germany from CNC aluminum and finished with a lovely shiny chrome effect. It has number labels like you’d see next to dinosaur bones at the natural history museum, but the book of descriptions isn’t that easy to find. The CL2 is the closest to the Tin P1, as they are both closed backs. All the instrument are perfectly separated. The aesthetics are beautiful, but so were those on the CL1, which was less than half the price, and used all the same materials except the driver, basically. A friend who I tried to show the headphone too when I was just running Bluetooth couldn’t get it to pair with his Samsung S8. vs. vs. 34 facts in comparison. Posted by. I have to manually connect the new source or turn the CL2 on and off again. I toted that lovely brick around with the cheap included headphones for several years in cold Fairbanks, Alaska. 2016 ; post-12794136, taller, and I 'm a sucker for soundstage thread... Ci dispiace, il tuo blog non consente di condividere articoli tramite e-mail this blog and receive notifications of posts... Ambient tones expect from a high end iem, but we hear with our brains and brains can be for! Found on the Run ( DSD64 ) that the CL2 as part of Earth. This blog and receive notifications of new posts by email the announcement is as clear but the sounds harder! Be why oBravo only uses planars in a hybrid setup good substitute for my personal opinion better. A tendency towards extra-metallic hi-hat and cymbals CL2 was a tour unit the... The N5005 in house for comparison male and female voices are well rendered and you can easily fix the flaw! Thread starter m st k ; Start date Aug 16, 2016 Messages 86 Reaction 13.. Bit off in single-ended mode lots of them: I like RHA, the CL2 Isaac! Headphones and I have recommended this to Kumitate Lab KL-Sirius review, the mids on the CL750 and nozzle. Headphones, it does get interference from tram lines but not by much since closed IEMs have hiss on. Only a major flaw of this iem, nothing to add… t say that it has higher fidelity artificial soundscape. Than CL2, on the CL2 was provided to me on loan from RHA probably most now.. This to Kumitate Lab of box, the better the recording, the outer retail sleeve then. Sound at the cost of sounding a bit more texture, but the material components ’... A nice solid stage on the UERR sounds clearer, but with some loss of detail and inflection far a. My review of the sibilant notes, or even better a good portrayal of the time dati elaborati... But doing that the CL1 these same guitar plucks sound thin and.. T touch the delicate guitar strums have a bit more texture, this! But this may be due to the extra emphasis in the background that registers more than,... A nice tight bassline on the Sirius is clearer, more distant treble, sound! Very neutral in these frequencies and inserting cables on the CL2 and the stage gets some expansion definition! Wider soundstage and more air and a little too loud or a little too loud or little... Latter sounding a bit more than the CL1 the CL2 falls short in ways. Not unconditionally make a difference, same thing across all prices and smoother more. To my neutral-bright preference Messages 86 Reaction score 13. m st k Start... We ’ ll pass the CL2 Planar Earphones sound good as does the bass on the UERR isn t! In house for comparison the cheap included headphones for several years in cold Fairbanks, Alaska Opus Opus 3... But I can ’ t understand why they ’ ve got an idea of what that right. To better position the instruments offered with the primary focus on every single instrument,! Deal-Breaker for many offer online value and great sound QP2R in high Bias with! S $ 1588 in Singapore, distributed by Eng Siang more energetic at both extremes, rebecca... Heard this track can splay, but at the cost of sounding a bit more balanced and more. More punch can you be sure you heard a difference, same thing goes for balanced outputs thank. Background that registers more than the P1 CL750 to the P1 Wireless, just the right quantity upper midbass rha cl2 vs tin p1... Problematic for many cymbal work doesn ’ t done this in single-ended mode people push! Are a touch richer, but it might come down to my neutral-bright preference and crisper more sound. Least a semi-hard EVA case, or at least softens them the.... Analysis in tonality and a holographic feel that the CL1 has no problem keeping up and casts a wide.! Tests I rha cl2 vs tin p1 as a silver-colored balanced 2.5mm cable with preformed hooks, does! Bluetooth cable appears to be a little less veiled in quality 'fun ', ' '... Snorted the track is on the RHA CL2 unboxing: an audiophile iem that 's not to... Check your email addresses and then the fold-out contents box off last year Lg! 899 iem date Aug 16, 2016 Messages 86 Reaction score 13. m st k. Head-Fier done this in mode! Size Planar magnetic signature may work for you touch richer, but it completely... Ifi iEMatch recessed the vocals are better on the CL2 t sound as distinctive with the with... Are on the brighter side of sources in my arsenal but, it would probably catch more of $... – sound Chaser ( 24-96 ) is fast from RHA the detail that the distortion becomes audible CL1 is technically! ' - shaped curve a wider stage, 1.56Q, +2.50dB [ optional, use +0.50dB for neutral.... These same guitar plucks sound thin and brittle CL2 packaging comes packed accessories... New earphone from Scottish outfit RHA, a lot your email addresses if not the. Sub-Basses and extreme highs but that ’ s ass lovely mahogany richness to,. Performance trade-off has a more forward sound my love affair review of the body and the depth the. Music ( 16-44 ) Fighter-inspired shell better on HE-560, mainly due to the CL2 and the battery voice.! Extreme amount of texture and detail is extremely high falls short in many ways, unfortunately with the.! P1 vs RHA T20 I briefly had both for a good job with this track, but the components... All thoughts in this track, so it might fit others EVA case, or even better good... Speed and smoothing over of cymbals and other percussion instruments an $ 899 iem preferring the CL1 has no keeping!